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    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty India | Enlarged Vaginal Lips Reduction | Vaginal Lips fat Graft Augmentation | Vaginal Lips Correction | Clitoris Exposure Unhooding or Hoodectomy | Clit Reduction | Best Labiaplasty Clitoris Unhooding at affordable low cost in Delhi, India.

    Labiaplasty Delhi, Labiaplasty India, Reduction Labiaplasty, Reconstruction Labiaplasty, Labia Minora Reduction Delhi, Labia Minora Reduction India, Labia Majora Fat Graft Delhi, Labia Majora Augmentation India
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    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty & Labia Majora Augmentation Surgery
    Vulva or Vaginal structure (External genitalia in females) possess a pair of outer vaginal lips (labia majora or labium majus) , a pair of inner vaginal lips (labia minora or labium minus). A youthful Vaginal mons area is having light cushion over mons pubis , full labia majora or outer vaginal lips, small & glistening labia minora which is usually covered by labia majora unless deliberately exposed. With increasing age (married life and parity), fullness of mons and labia majora goes down, in obesity it becomes bulky. Labia minora size usually increases in size becomes protuberant smooth lustrous surface is gone. It starts popping through pudendal cleft even when labium majus is fully opposed.

    Vaginal lips - Labia Minora & Labia Majora Deformities
    Vaginal Lips deformities : i) Labia minora : Enlarged labia minora ( inner or smaller vaginal lips ) size of labia minora usually increases after successive pregnancies and with age and it starts peeping out through the vaginal cleft. It not only makes this area unsightly but also creates difficulty in maintenance of hygiene and wearing well fitting cloths.
    Large labia minora , not only gives genitalia an unsightly look but also interferes with maintenance of hygiene and difficulty in wearing well fitting cloths. While penetration dragging with male genital in and out makes love making painful rather than pleasant.
    Labiaplasty is done to provide a youthful and acceptable size . usually labia minora is considered aesthetically pleasing if it is hidden by labia majora (outer lips) of vagina.
    ii) Labia Majora (Outer or bigger Vaginal Lips) : Outer labia can be either very bulky along with Mons pubis (Liposuction and reshaping required, see mons pubis in Liposuction page) or flat and loose (fat augmentation needed) (see labia augmentation below)

    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty
    Labiaplasty Surgery :- an aesthetically pleasing labia minora is usually hidden inside labia majora and visible only when outer lips are pulled apart. With increasing age and increasing Sexual & peripheral androgen activity in females , labia minora enlarges and stats protruding beyond the labia majora.
    Labiaplasty Surgery reduces size and bulk and improves look while maintaining sexual sensation .Two different methods are used. Straight trimming of labia gives unsightly scar and removes receptors of sexual pleasure - should be avoided (This is most common world wide) . Trimming in a way to preserve receptors at margin of labia minora is best (this we are doing)

    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty Before & After Pictures

    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty
    Before and after pictures of Labiaplasty to reduce size of labia minora. Straight trimming of Labia minora has been done in this case.

    Labiaplasty before after picture - Labiaplasty preserving normal natural round margin of labia minora.

    Labiaplasty Before After
    Labiaplasty Before After or Labia Minora or Inner Vaginal Lips Reduction.

    Labiaplasty Vaginal Lips Correction

    Labia Minora Reconstruction or Reconstruction Labiaplasty : Labia Minora Reconstruction is required in cases of absent labia minora. Common causes of absent labia minora are Congenital absence or loss after surgery or infection. Perhaps most common cause today is wrong reduction labiaplasty surgery, in which entire labia minora is removed surgically. Removal of labia minora and especially labia intermedius should be done cautiosly. While a good shaped and small labia minora looks beautiful, complete Absence of labia minora completely destroys the natural look of vaginal area. Here is an example of reconstruction labiaplasty, in which we have used clitoris prepuce and residual labial tissue for labia minora reconstruction. First surgery was done some where outside India, in which almost entire labia minora was removed.

    For Labia Minora Reconstruction Video - Click Here Labiaplasty Labia Minora Reconstruction

    Labia Majora Augmentation & Vaginal Fullness Correction Labia augmentation or Fat grafting of labia majora (Outer or bigger vaginal lips Vaginal Rejuvenation) :- to provide bulk and youthful appearance to atrophic and flat looking female vagina. Fat grafting or fat injection gives proper fullness to vaginal lips.

    Vaginal Lips Labia Majora Fullness Correction
    Vaginal Lips Fat Grafting & Rejuvenation

    Clitoris Unhooding or Clitoris Hoodectomy Clitoris Unhooding / Clitoris Hoodectomy :- Clitoris is a structure homologous to penis in males. In males, glans is usually uncovered or the prepuce can be retracted back to expose it. In some cases, circumcision is needed to uncover it. On contrary, in females, glans of clitoris is usually covered with prepuce.
    In Clitoris unhooding procedure, overhanging skin is removed with either a circumcision type incison or with an incision at base of clitoris to expose the glans clitoris.
    It drastically improves sexual sensation and pleasure of love making. Clitoris unhooding or clitoris hoodectomy increases frequency of orgasm in females. According to our patients who have undergone this procedure this 10 minute surgery has changed their life totally.

    Labiaplasty Clitoris Unhooding
    Clitoris Unhooding Hoodectomy Before After Picture.

    Clitoris hoodectomy
    Clitoris Unhooding or hood reduction or Clitoris hoodectomy before after picture

    Clit Unhooding
    Before and after pictures of clitoris unhooding or hoodectomy.

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