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    Vaginoplasty Vagina Tightening Surgery & Vaginal Rejuvenation in Delhi India| Mons Pubis Reduction Lift | Vagina Reconstruction | Vagina Plastic Surgery

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    Vagina Tightening Vaginoplasty Vagina Rejuvenation & Reconstruction

    Female Genital Surgery :- Vaginal Surgery Like Vaginoplasty or , Vagina Tightening ,Vagina Reconstruction and Vagina Rejuvenation are focused on rejuvenation of aging vaginal area, Tightening of loose vagina after vaginal delivery or childbirth and Creation vaginal canal in cases where its absent congenitally or removed after some surgery usually cancer surgery.

    Vagina Rejuvenation & Vagina Tightening Vaginoplasty

    Vaginoplasty : Vaginoplasty may be rejuvenation vaginoplasty or reconstruction vaginoplasty. Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty or  involves correction of aging vaginal area and vaginal canal to acquire youthful look and caliber.
    Reconstruction involves creation of vagina in those in whom vaginal canal is absent (see Vagina Reconstruction or absent vagina).

    Vagina Rejuvenation

    Vagina Rejuvenation :- Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty includes Vagina tightening as well as modification in labia majora ( fat grafting for atrophic labia and fat removal for bulky labia) , Mons lift, Reduction of labia minora (labia minora plasty - whenever needed). Vagina tightening is tightening of entire length of vaginal canal and not mere tightening of surface skin. Vagina tightening is designed in a way that it provides a firm grip over entire length of male organ and not only near entry point. See mons lift & vagina tightening also for details.

    Vaginoplasty Vaginal Mons reduction & lift
    Before After picture of Mons Vaginal lift with Mons & Labia Liposuction.

    Vagina Tightening & Rejuvenation
    Vaginal Rejuvenation for atrophic aged looking vaginal lips (labia majora) with fat graft.

    Mons pubis Lift / Vaginal Rejuvenation , liposuction & lift ( for obesity & mons ptosis or sagging):-
    A healthy and attractive mons pubis & vaginal lips are soft cushions neither excessively bulky (obese patients) nor very thin and redundant (old look ). In males, sagging mons covers significant length of base of penis reducing it effective length, In females mons pubis area becomes loose and saggy with aging and increasing sex life, pregnancies and child birth. It covers Clitoris and reduces pleasure of love making. Mons Lift rejuvenates the area, tightens skin & restores youthful appearance. In obese patients, significant length of male organ is wasted outside actual canal due tobulky vaginal lips and saggy mons. Others may have loss of labial fat pad making vaginal area look old and developed wrinkles. In such cases, close contact becomes difficult for male as he encounters bone rather than a soft pad.
    Liposuction with mons lift is done for bulky Mons Pubis and Vaginal Lips (in obese girls) to provide this area a healthy and youthful appearance .
    In cases with atrophic labia (lost labial fat pad - more common after massive weight loss & thin tall girls), autogenous fat injection restores fullness of vaginal lips and provides sift cushion. In early phase of Mons descent, removal of fat through liposuction with skin tightening restores youthful appearance and skin removal is not required so no scar. but when associated with excessive loose skin , skin removal may be needed is needed to restore the same, scar matches with that after caesarean section scar ( See labia clitoris surgery page also).

    Combined procedures : liposuction, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck and mons lift may be done in combination if needed as in more severe obese cases with loose skin as it both tightens abdominal wall as well as lifts sagging vagina.

    Vaginoplasty Vagina Rejuvenation Mons Pubis Lift Delhi India
    Before After Picture Liposuction, Skin Tightening, Mons (vagina ) Lift, with liposculpture of Vagina, No Skin Excision ( Removal) , No Scar , No Overhanging Skin curtain.

    Vagina Tightening : Vagina Tightening intends to correct loose vaginal canal as well as vaginal opening . Looseness of vagina is very common occurrence after child birth and after repeated intercourse. Usually after long active sexual life. In some body types, looseness of vagina is more common. A loose vagina spoils your married life or better say sexual life. Tightening of vagina involves tightening of entire canal as well as introitus (entry point). Excessive tightening of skin only (at introitus- more common now) does not provide you vaginal tightening rather further distorts shape and appearance. We use to tighten the muscular ring encircling vaginal canal along with vaginal mucosal ring to provide full length tightening with surface skin correction, as per need.

    Vagina Tightening
    Before After Picture Vaginal Canal tightening ( Vagina Tightening)

    Vaginoplasty Vagina Tightening Surgery

    Lack of sexual satisfaction in females

    Female Sexual Dysfunction & Lack of Satisfaction : Sexual satisfaction is relatively rare in females, mostly its due to some specificity of vaginal structures and to a great extent due to psychology also. This lack of sexual satisfaction has got survival importance. Most females think lack of satisfaction is due to insufficient male organ size or thickness or stamina. but actually its because of structural difference in vaginal area and psychological mind set. Minor modifications in vaginal area can make life more happy and satisfactory. some procedures like mons pubis rejuvenation, labia correction, clit modification and vaginal canal tightening drastically improve intimate life. please see relevant sections and pages for individual problems .

    Congenital & Acquired Deformities of Vagina

    Pathologies of vulva ( Female External Genitalia ) :-
    Various skin conditions (like lymphangioma, other tumors, cancers and post infective pathologies) may need excision and reconstruction of vulva (female external genitalia).

    Vagina Lymphangioma Correction
    Before and After picture of Vulva Lymphangioma( a pathological condition manifesting as multiple small vesicles (swellings) discharging white fluid- Its a Developmental deformity and not any infection. Patient can lead normal married life after treatment. Removal and creation of new vulva (Vagina).

    Absent Vagina & Vagina Reconstruction

    Absent Vagina :- Creation of a new vagina is needed.
    Vagina plastic surgery is done in cases with congenital (by birth) absence of vagina or vaginal atresia or Aplasia.
    Some cases are having vaginal canal but that is very small or hypoplastic (underdeveloped or very narrow , unable to allow intercourse). There are syndromes having Mullerian Agenesis as their part (constellation of symptoms involving different organ systems), which affect uro –genital and other systems of body , absent vagina or vaginal atresia may be the only or the one of features in such patients.
    Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome is most common Syndrome with vaginal atresia . Two Types are there, In Type I syndrome (MRKH Syndrome) is characterized by an isolated absence of the proximal two thirds of the vagina, whereas Type II Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH Syndrome) is marked by other malformations; these include vertebral, cardiac, urologic (upper tract), and otologic (Ear) anomalies. So these patients should be investigated for other congenital malformations and should be dealt accordingly, if any. Proper history and some radiological investigations are all that is required. In most cases of Mullerian agenesis only a vaginal dimple is found with rudimentary uterus and uterine horns.

    Neo-vaginoplasty (or Vagina Reconstruction) : Absent uterus cant be created, but vagina reconstruction can be done so that patient can have a successful married life.
    While doing vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty, characteristics of a normal vagina is kept in mind and one or a combination of various options of vagina reconstruction or vaginoplasty are used to create it.
    Normal features of vagina :-
    A tunnel which should accommodates usual size penis (about 6 inches)
    New Vagina Should be warm and moist, Stretchable,Should secrete fluid upon stimulation which acts as lubricant. New vagina Should be sensate (having both protective and erotic sensation)
    Options available for Neo-Vaginoplasty or Vagina reconstruction :-
    Gradual Dilatation :- takes long time and little cumbersome to patient but gives natural vagina without any scar in any other area of body.
    Balloon Vaginoplasty : existing vagina is gradually enlarged with the help of balloon expander.
    Split thickness skin graft :- split thickness skin graft is harvested from thigh or buttock and a tube is formed with it for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty ( McIndoe Vaginoplasty ). Needs dilatation for around six months thereafter. Chances of re-contracture are more.
    Full thickness skin graft:- taken from groin crease for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty. chances of re-contracture are less.
    Local skin flaps:- from area adjacent to external genitalia for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty.
    Mucosal Grafts to create new vagina - Buccal Mucosal Graft , used for vaginal reconstruction gives one of the best possible appearance and functional outcome in long run but again as the source of mucosa is limited , so needs dilatation for some time.
    Small bowel or Sigmoid colon Vaginoplasty :- both need laprotomy (opening of abdomen) and a piece of intestine small or large is used for vaginoplasty as a flap. anastomosis in gut and scar on abdomen is major drawback.
    Labia minora flap:- labia minora is used to create the Vaginal canal ( vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty), gives much more satisfactory result but with little alteration of external genitalia. Needs dilatation for a few months. We dont advocate any distortion of external genital appearance.
    Local flap preserving all details of external genitalia:- this technique of vagina reconstruction or vaginoplasty uses local tissue from external genitalia , but preserves all details of vagina or external genitalia and provides a vagina which is near natural and no added scar anywhere on body. This technique is our own development.

    Vaginoplasty vagina reconstruction delhi india
    Before and after picture of for vagina reconstruction or Neo-Vaginoplasty

    FTM SEx Change

    Female to Male Sex Change : Please avoid this if possible and try to lead a life with your normal body. In case, if its inevitable you may think of it. Usual sequence in Female to male conversion is psychiatric counseling & legal formalities, hormone therapy, removal of female organs and finally creation of male organ. Removal of male organ is a destructive surgery and once removed, it cant be recreated. and you cant revert back to previous life even if you want.So, in our view best option is to create a male organ leaving female intact. Live with your new organ for some time and see how compatible this life is. you may choose your life ahead in a better way.

    Our Services : Mons Lift, Vaginoplasty, Vagina Tightening, Vagina Rejuvenation, Vagina Reconstruction.

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