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    Laser Hair Removal in Delhi India Laser Face Rejuvenation Laser Pimple Marks & Melasma Cholasma Removal

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    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Hair Removal : Excess and unwanted hair on face & other body part specially in women is a troublesome problem. Common hair removal & hiding technique like threading, bleaching, Hair shaving and hair plucking are painfull and temporary, while laser hair removal is more or less painless and may be permanent. excessive hair on face or body may be due to hormone imbalance, hirsutism, hypertrichosis etc. and grossly affects confidence. Light / Laser hair removal is a convenient and cost effective treatment. We use Intense Pulse Light for Hair Removal

    How Hair Removal Works : Laser / Light Treatment is based on principle of specific wavelength absorption by different color objects. Melanin is target in hair removal. Melanin being dark to grey absorbs light of specific wave length gets heated and destroys both melanocyte and malnin containing hair follicle.
    How Much Time Hair Removal Takes : Hair removal takes multiple sessions, and depends upon hair density, hair thickness and color. Each hair removal session may take 10 minutes on face and 15-20 minutes on other part of body, like leg hairs and forearm hair or body hair.

    Does IPL Laser treatment hurts : No anaesthetic is uaually required, but it may cause little pin prick like sensation. specific wave length and cooling system reduces discomfort drastically.

    Precaution while undergoing Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Light / laser hair removal is safe and well proven. some precautions like to avoid plucking, threading or any non laser hair removal technique should not be used for around 4-6 weeks. Some tanning may be there and you should avoid it with use of sun screen and avoiding sun exposure, so that energy from Laser is transferred to hair and not to skin.

    How many sessions laser hair treatments are required : usually multi-session treatment is required. depending upon hair cycle treatment should be repeated every 3-4 weeks. on an average 3-6 cycles are required on face, may be little more for body hair.

    Laser Pimple Treatment

    Laser Acne Treatments : Acne commonly called Pimples, Comadone, Whiteheads, Blackheads etc. forms due to blockade of sebaceous glands. Acne formation increases in adolescence and with increasing sex hormone, spoils your look at same time when you want to look more fresh and clean. Common types of acne are whiteheads, blackheads,pink pimples, pustular, cystic or nodular acne. Problem is complicated further with scarring left there after acne resolves. its better to reduce acne before it becomes complicated.

    Laser / Intense Pulse Light Treatments involves treatment with light which kills propionibacter acne (P. Acne formerly called Coranybacter acne) and also reduces blood supply to reduce pink color. it also open clogged sebaceous glands to improve drainage.

    Photo Face Rejuvenation

    Laser Photo Rejuvenation : Natural aging process and sun exposure leads to ageing and development of age spots, wrinkles, fine line, open pores and uneven texture. Weak and broken elastic & collagen fibers lead to saggy and dull skin giving aged look, however its possible to improve skin texture, complexion and firmness by induction of collagen and elastin renewal with laser photo rejuvenation.

    Conventional treatments include Dermabrasion, peeling etc., good for fine scars & pigmentation, but magnitude of which is too high for rejuvenation only. light therapy improves texture of skin and dermis by collagen and elastin renewal both in short and long terms, means light rejuvenation can be used even just before attending some function or party.

    Treatment process involves a series of 6-8 sessions 20 minutes each at 2 weeks intervals. treatment of whole face provides more smooth, uniform and aesthetically pleasing result. Photo rejuvenation involves minimal risk for good results.

    Who shouls avoid treatment : Pregnant women, diabetic, epileptic, and people on steriods, isotretinoin, retinoids and anti blood clooting agents treatment should avoid this treatment.

    Acne Marks Removal Delhi India

    Laser Resurfacing for acne scars ( Pimple Marks ) and photo rejuvenation Before After picture.

    dark spots (hyperpigmented patches)

    Abnormal Pigmentation, Melasma & Cholasma : Abnormal pigmentation, like dark spots , melasma (on cheeks) and cholasma (forehead) appear with ageing and with hormonal influence. Pulse light / laser therapy reduces hyper-pigmentation over time.

    Age Spots : Age spots are focal collection of hyperpigmentation causing deposits of melanin. Light therapy stimulates and heats up melanocytes to reduce their concentration and activity and reduces pigmentation over time.

    Vascular Spots : Vascular spots may be small points or large areas, involving small vessels or medium size vessels like stork bites, strawberry haemangiomas. Laser Light in such cases targets heamoglobin in blood vessels to transfer heat energy and to coagulate the vessel over time, there by reducing vascular spots.

    Who should avoid Treatment : 1) history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scar formation , 2) In presence of skin infection, 3) Inflamatory dermatosis, 4) Skin Cancer 5) Bleeding or clotting disorder, 6) Pregnancy, 7) Excessive photo-sensitivity or if on treatment with retinoid products, 8) Auto-immune disease, 9) Immuno-compromised patients 10) mentally disturbed patients.

    Pre-treatment and post-treatment care : Pre-treatment - Avoid sun exposure for 4-6 weeks before procedure and use sun screen, so that your skin is as close as possible to natural color. Remove all make-up, avoid alcohal and smoking for a few days at least. A test patch is done first to test your skin for correct dosage of light.

    Post Treatment : Area treated will be red and uncomfortable for a few hours, you may use cold packs. Aloe vera or other moisturising or soothing gel can be used after photo rejuvenation or any other Intense Pulse Light Treatment. Avoid analgesics (NSAID) or dispirin for 7-10 days, avoid rubbing the area and make up for a week or so, use sun screen with SPF 30-50.

    Complications & Side Effects :
    1) Pain : with every light shot you may feel some pricking pain, pain is significantly reduced with cooling action of probe & cooling gel.
    2) Scab Formation : encrustation and scab formation (scaling) may occur in pigmentation lesion, and also in hair removal cases. improves over time.
    3) Hyper or Hypo-pigmentation : may appear during or after treatment in some cases, usually short lasting and improves over time. Hypo (lightening) takes longer than hype-pigmentation to improve.
    4) Swelling and redness : common after procedure, you may use cold compresses to recover. it improves over hours.
    5) Blistering & scarring: very rare but still can happen. possibility can never be denied.

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