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    Labiaplasty Vagina Tightening Before After Pictures, Delhi, India,

    Vagina Surgery Labiaplasty Information, Delhi, India.

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    Vaginoplasty in India, Delhi Vagina Tightening Surgery & Vaginal Rejuvenation in Delhi India| Mons Pubis Reduction Lift | Vagina Reconstruction | Vagina Plastic Surgery in India, New Delhi, Delhi.

    Female Genital Surgery or Vagina Surgery :- Vagina Operation or Vaginal Surgery Like Vaginoplasty or , Vagina Tightening ,Vagina Reconstruction and Vagina Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty, Labia Minora Reduction, Vagina Lip Augmentation in thin girls, Clitoris Unhooding are focused on rejuvenation of aging vaginal area, Tightening of loose vagina after vaginal delivery or childbirth and Creation vaginal canal in cases where its absent congenitally or removed after some surgery usually cancer surgery.
    Detailed information about Vagina Surgery , Labiaplasty, Mons pubis , Labia majora & labia minora correction, Clitoroplasty and vagina reconstruction is here, for individual Vagina surgery videos and Before after pictures, please watch our videos on you tube.

    Vaginoplasty Vaginoplasty may be rejuvenation vaginoplasty or reconstruction vaginoplasty. Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty involves correction of aging vaginal area and vaginal canal to acquire youthful look and caliber.
    Reconstruction involves creation of vagina in those in whom vaginal canal is absent by birth or surgically removed (see Vagina Reconstruction or absent vagina).

    Vagina Tightening & Rejuvenation
    Vagina Rejuvenation :- Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty includes Vagina tightening (see below) as well as modification in labia majora ( fat grafting for atrophic labia and fat removal for bulky labia) , Mons lift, Reduction of labia minora (labia minora plasty - whenever needed). Vagina tightening is tightening of entire length of vaginal canal and not mere tightening of surface skin. Vagina tightening is designed in a way that it provides a firm grip over entire length of male organ and not only near entry point. See labia clitoris  & liposuction page for vaginal lips and mons pubis lift & vagina tightening (below) for details.

    Examples of Mons pubis Lift & vaginal lips reduction & augmentation, Labiaplasty, Clitoris Unhooding, Vagina Tightening & Rejuvenation, Vagina Reconstruction  - Please watch our videos on you tube - Links Below :-

    Vagina Tightening Vagina Tightening intends to correct loose vaginal canal as well as vaginal opening . Looseness of vagina is very common occurrence after child birth and after repeated intercourse. Usually after long active sexual life. In some body types, looseness of vagina is more common. A loose vagina spoils your married life or better say sexual life. Tightening of vagina involves tightening of entire canal as well as introitus (entry point). Excessive tightening of skin only (at introitus- more common now) does not provide you vaginal tightening rather further distorts shape and appearance. We use to tighten the muscular ring encircling vaginal canal along with vaginal mucosal ring to provide full length tightening with surface skin correction, as per need.

    Vaginoplasty Vagina Tightening Video & Before After Pictures.

    Video 1-   Vaginoplasty Vagina Tightening Surgery

    Vaginal Lips , their deformities & correction : Labia Majora & Labia Minora :
    Vulva or Vaginal structure (External genitalia in females) possess a pair of outer vaginal lips (labia majora or labium majus) , a pair of inner vaginal lips (labia minora or labium minus). A youthful Vaginal mons area is having light cushion over mons pubis , full labia majora or outer vaginal lips, small & glistening labia minora which is usually covered by labia majora unless deliberately exposed. With increasing age (married life and parity), fullness of mons and labia majora goes down, in obesity it becomes bulky. Labia minora size usually increases in size becomes protuberant smooth lustrous surface is gone. It starts popping through Vaginal cleft even when labium majora is fully opposed.

    Labia Majora Deformities & correction :
    I )Bulky labia majora with fatty mons pubis in obese or fat girls :
    In obese girls and after child birth , mons pubis usually gets fat , turns bulky and saggy. Reduction of mons pubis fat makes area slim and restores youthful appearance. also exposes clitoris covered with fat so intimate relations more pleasant for both male & female.

    II )Vaginal Fullness Correction - Labia Majora Augmentation :
    Labia augmentation or Fat grafting of labia majora (Outer or bigger vaginal lips Vaginal Rejuvenation) :- to provide bulk and youthful appearance to atrophic and flat looking female vagina. Fat grafting or fat injection gives proper fullness to vaginal lips. See video below for labia majora correction.

      Labiaplasty Labia Minora Reduction in Delhi, India by Dr. Prabhash - Video
    Labia Majora correction - fat reduction for obese labia majora & Mons Pubis,
    Fat Grafting for thin labia majora

    Labia Minora Reduction Labiaplasty
    Enlarged labia minora ( inner or smaller vaginal lips ) size of labia minora usually increases after successive pregnancies and with age and it starts peeping out through the vaginal cleft. Usually it represents more male hormone in females
    Large labia minora ,not only gives genitalia an unsightly look but also interferes with maintenance of hygiene and difficulty in wearing well fitting cloths. While penetration dragging with male genital in and out makes love making painful rather than pleasant.

    Labiaplasty Surgery :- Labiaplasty is done to provide a youthful and acceptable size . usually labia minora is considered aesthetically pleasing if it is hidden by labia majora (outer lips) of vagina.
    Labiaplasty Surgery reduces size and bulk and improves look while maintaining sexual sensation .Two different methods are used. Straight trimming of labia gives unsightly scar and removes receptors of sexual pleasure - should be avoided (This is most common world wide) . Trimming in a way to preserve receptors at margin of labia minora is best (this we are doing) - see video on you tube for surgery and before after -

    Vagina Rejuvenation Delhi Labia Majora Fat Injection Mons pubis Fat Reduction India.

    Congenital & Acquired Deformities of Vagina & Vulva Pathologies of vulva ( Female External Genitalia ) :-
    Various skin conditions (like lymphangioma, other tumors, cancers and post infective pathologies) may need excision and reconstruction of vulva (female external genitalia).

    Labia Minora Reconstruction or Reconstruction Labiaplasty : Labia Minora Reconstruction is required in cases of absent labia minora. Common causes of absent labia minora are Congenital absence or loss after surgery or infection. Perhaps most common cause today is wrong reduction labiaplasty surgery, in which entire labia minora is removed surgically. Removal of labia minora and especially labia intermedius should be done cautiosly. While a good shaped and small labia minora looks beautiful, complete Absence of labia minora completely destroys the natural look of vaginal area. Here is an example of reconstruction labiaplasty, in which we have used clitoris prepuce and residual labial tissue for labia minora reconstruction. First surgery was done some where outside India, in which almost entire labia minora was removed.

    For Labia Minora Reconstruction Video - Click Here Labiaplasty Labia Minora Reconstruction

    Clitoris Unhooding or Clitoris Hoodectomy Clitoris Unhooding / Clitoris Hoodectomy :- Clitoris is a structure homologous to penis in males. In males, glans is usually uncovered or the prepuce can be retracted back to expose it. In some cases, circumcision is needed to uncover it. On contrary, in females, glans of clitoris is usually covered with prepuce.
    In Clitoris unhooding procedure, overhanging skin is removed with either a circumcision type incison or with an incision at base of clitoris to expose the glans clitoris.
    It drastically improves sexual sensation and pleasure of love making. Clitoris unhooding or clitoris hoodectomy increases frequency of orgasm in females. According to our patients who have undergone this procedure this 10 minute surgery has changed their life totally.

    Absent Vagina & Vagina Reconstruction :- Creation of a new vagina is needed. Vagina plastic surgery is done in cases with congenital (by birth) absence of vagina or vaginal atresia or Aplasia.
                    Some cases are having vaginal canal but that is very small or hypoplastic (underdeveloped or very narrow , unable to allow intercourse). There are syndromes having Mullerian Agenesis as their part (constellation of symptoms involving different organ systems), which affect uro –genital and other systems of body , absent vagina or vaginal atresia may be the only or the one of features in such patients.
    Best Time for Vagina Reconstruction :-
    perhaps the most controversial point in vagina reconstruction is when to do it. Answer is as soon as possible after maturity. Its a common misconception that vagina reconstruction should be done just one month before marriage .  Next and most important, is any method used for vagina reconstruction, be it STG, FTG or local or distant flap takes some time to heal fully and be soft and supple. so marriage should be planned only after vaginal canal is reconstructed and maintained over a period of time successfully. we are getting patients in whom reconstructed vagina contracts and collapses after marriage leading to marital dispute. Next, it affects psychological growth and well being of adolescent girl, being always conscious of deficient body part. So vagina reconstruction should be done once patient is mature enough to understand its importance, can withstand surgery and most important can do regular dilatation to maintain vaginal canal.

    Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome is most common Syndrome with vaginal atresia . Two Types are there, In Type I syndrome (MRKH Syndrome) is characterized by an isolated absence of the proximal two thirds of the vagina, whereas Type II Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH Syndrome) is marked by other malformations; these include vertebral, cardiac, urologic (upper tract), and otologic (Ear) anomalies. So these patients should be investigated for other congenital malformations and should be dealt accordingly, if any. Proper history and some radiological investigations are all that is required. In most cases of Mullerian agenesis only a vaginal dimple is found with rudimentary uterus and uterine horns.

    Neo-vaginoplasty (or Vagina Reconstruction) : Absent uterus cant be created, but vagina reconstruction can be done so that patient can have a successful married life.
    While doing vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty, characteristics of a normal vagina is kept in mind and one or a combination of various options of vagina reconstruction or vaginoplasty are used to create it.
    Normal features of vagina :-
    A tunnel which should accommodates usual size penis (about 6 inches)
    New Vagina Should be warm and moist, Stretchable, Should secrete fluid upon stimulation which acts as lubricant. New vagina Should be sensate (having both protective and erotic sensation)
    Options available for Neo-Vaginoplasty or Vagina reconstruction :-
    Gradual Dilatation :- takes long time and little cumbersome to patient but gives natural vagina without any scar in any other area of body.
    Balloon Vaginoplasty : existing vagina is gradually enlarged with the help of balloon expander.
    Split thickness skin graft :- split thickness skin graft is harvested from thigh or buttock and a tube is formed with it for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty ( McIndoe Vaginoplasty ). Needs dilatation for around six months thereafter. Chances of re-contracture are more.
    Full thickness skin graft:- taken from groin crease for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty. chances of re-contracture are less.
    Local skin flaps:- from area adjacent to external genitalia for vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty.
    Mucosal Grafts to create new vagina - Buccal Mucosal Graft , used for vaginal reconstruction gives one of the best possible appearance and functional outcome in long run but again as the source of mucosa is limited , so needs dilatation for some time.
    Small bowel or Sigmoid colon Vaginoplasty :- both need laprotomy (opening of abdomen) and a piece of intestine small or large is used for vaginoplasty as a flap. anastomosis in gut and scar on abdomen is major drawback.
    Labia minora flap:- labia minora is used to create the Vaginal canal ( vagina reconstruction or Vaginoplasty), gives much more satisfactory result but with little alteration of external genitalia. Needs dilatation for a few months. We dont advocate any distortion of external genital appearance.
    Local flap preserving all details of external genitalia:- this technique of vagina reconstruction or vaginoplasty uses local tissue from external genitalia , but preserves all details of vagina or external genitalia and provides a vagina which is near natural and no added scar anywhere on body. This technique is our own development.

    See Before and after picture Page of for vagina reconstruction Before After or Neo-Vaginoplasty Picture
    Our Services : Mons Lift, Vaginoplasty Delhi, Vaginoplasty India, Vagina Tightening Delhi, Vagina Rejuvenation Delhi, Vagina Tightening India, Vagina reconstruction India, Vagina Reconstruction in Delhi, India.

    Disclaimer : - Information & pictures contained in this page are for medical information purpose only, to provide information to patients regarding problem, procedure, different types of Vaginal surgery & expected result of Vaginoplasty surgery.

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