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    Breast Implant Before After Pictures, Delhi, India

    Breast Enlargement Information, Delhi, India.

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    Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement Surgery in Delhi India with Breast Implant & Fat Injection: Boost Your Feminity & Confidence. Best Breast Augmentation at affordable cost India.

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    Dr. Prabhash's Breast Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Delhi, India for Breast Augmentation with saline, silicone Breast Implant, Breast Enlargement with fat Injection in Delhi (NCR which includes adjacent areas of UP - NOIDA, Greater Noida, & Haryana -Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Sonepat & Rajasthan) Best Breast Implant Enlargement Surgery at Low cost in Delhi, India.

    Breast Enlargement Surgery

    Breast Enlargement Surgery or Breast Augmentation improves not only size of your breast but also makes your personality more effective and attractive. Breast is symbol of feminity . Breast Augmentation or Breast enlargement surgery is done either only to augment breast size or as component of breast lift in cases of sagging breast (Breast Lift), For Correction of unequal Breast or Breast Asymmetry.
    A small simple and safe day care surgery changes your life. This page contains information, for procedure and before after pics please see videos on You tube.

    Silicone Breast Implant
    Silicone Gel Breast Implant

    Various Breast Augmentation Techniques Silicone Breast Implant are either saline filled or silicone gel filled. Breast Implants are available in various shapes and sizes, smooth surfaced or textured. Consistency of silicone gel used as filler also vary. Silicone Implants having silicone gel filled in Silicone shell are most commonly used. Silicone Implant gives breast both shape and natural feel.
    Saline Breast Implants:- silicone shell with saline as filler. Advantage of saline implant- it can be implanted through a smaller incision. Disadvantage : Change in shape of breast with posture, Shape is similar to Silicone Implant but feel is different. Now a days, there is some concern about Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which has been noticed in some cases of breast implant, and so, we are avoiding implants now. Fat grafting is better option now.

    Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Autologus Fat Injection

    fat taken from other sites of body (Liposuction) and used to sculpt and enlarge breast. So in this way you get fat reduction at one place and breast enlargement at the same time. Fat absorption over a period of time and scattered calcification is major drawback.
    Fat injection or Fat Grafting for Breast enlargement : Fat is harvested through Liposuction and fat cells are prepared for transfer to breast. This gives you breast enlargement without implant. Limitation - Girls who need breast enlargement may or may not be having enough fat in other parts of their body. Please see our fat grafting videos for procedure. Fat grafting surgery is similar irrespective of which area or organ is receiving fat graft..

    Before After pictures

    Picture 1 :- Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement with silicon breast implant - ( Intra Operative View)

    Before After Picture Breast Implant augmentation / Breast Enlargement Surgery.

    Before After Picture Breast Implant Augmentation / Breast enlargement Surgery for Sagging Tubular Breast


    Breast Enlargement with Implant with Lift for Unequal Sagging Breast Before After Picture

    Breast Enlargement before after picture- silicone implant

    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction :- Breast Reconstruction after cancer resection depends upon amount of tissue loss. In most of cases muscle or skin flap is required. Breast Implant Augmentation can be to make breast more attractive and natural.

    Shemale or Transgender Breast

    Shemale or transgender ( Male to female) Breast enlargement is done similar to female breast. involves breast implant or fat augmentation depends upon availability of fat in body.

    Breast enlargement in shemale with silicone implant

    Inverted Nipple Correction
    Inverted Nipple :- Inverted nipple occurs due to short ducts of breast glands so they retract the nipples towards chest wall where they are fixed. In less severe cases inverted nipples may improve with puberty or pregnancy or lactation. In more severe cases surgical correct of inverted nipples are required to make them protruding or to get good projection.

    Breast Implant FAQs

    I) Is it safe ?

    Ans : Yes, breast augmentation & breast reconstruction surgery with breast implant and other techniques have undergone a very long survey and scrutiny by US FDA and has been found safe for use. Complications which were supposed to be with silicone implant like connective tissue disorder and cancer has not been found to be associated with breast implant after twenty years study.

    II) What about breast enlargement with auto fat injection?

    Ans : Breast enlargement with fat injection ( harvested through liposuction at other body sites ) is safe and effective, but it needs presence of excess fat at other body parts mainly abdomen and thighs. some of fat injected is absorbed time so over treatment is always done to compensate for the loss over time. In spite of over treatment multiple stages may be required. Fat Absorption over time and loss of breast projection over time is biggest problem with technique - We dont recomend it for significant enlargement of breast. acceptable for small volume enlargement.

    III) What about Cup Size & Chest Circumference ?

    Ans : 32, 34 or whatever it is , this no. is your chest circumference and not size of breast mound . Breast size is your cup size means A, B , C and so on. With Breast Augmentation / Enlargement surgery its your cup size which changes and not your Chest circumference.

    IV) How much can be my Boob Size after implant ?

    Ans :- Almost every girl wants biggest good looking size , but final size is decided not only your demand but the current size and shape of your body. moderate enlargement can be done in every case. Final Breast size is decided by your chest width, your skin thickness ( thickness of fat ) , your current size of breast mound. Breast size should be proportionate to your body size and not disproportionately big.

    V) How long is procedure and Any rest required ?

    Ans : First you decide to go for surgery, and type of implant, your Cosmetic Surgeon will decide dimension and projection of implant depending upon your body shape , Fat content, Present Breast Size and your Chest Dimension and most important your desire. You book a date for surgery, Come on that day one or tow hour prior to scheduled time of surgery. Surgery takes one to one and half hours. you need to be hospital for 6-7 hours, after that you may go back. you need to avoid exertion for around 7-10 days. You should revisit surgeons office on 5th and 10th post op day and once after three months and six months as per your convenience.

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