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    Fat Injections Before After Pictures, Delhi, India.

    Fat Transfers Surgery Informations
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    Best Fat Grafting or Fat transfer ot fat injection at low affordable cost in Delhi, India. Our specific least traumatic fat graft harvesting technique makes it best fat transfer at lowest cost in Delhi, Inda.

    Fat Injection Face, Fat injection for scar, Fat injection for face rejuvenation, Fat injection of under eye dark circles, face lift, Neck Lift at Dr. Prabhash's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Delhi, India.

    In this page :  Fat Injection or Fat Grafting, & Fat Injection Before After Pictures, Fat transfer for volume restoration, Scar correction, Face Rejuvenation , Fat Injection or fat transfers video & before after pictures at low affordable cost in Delhi, India.

    Fat Injection or Fat Grafting or fat Transfers

    Fillers & Fat Injection :- May be artificial like collagen , hyaluronic acid etc. or autogenous ( fat or dermis).

    Fat Injection: Perhaps Fat was the most ignored tissue source in cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures till now. Fat is not always bad. Fat provides our body energy storage, provides plane for passage of nerves and blood vessels and also a smooth pleasant contour to our body making it beautiful. Fat grafting is an old procedure as fillers for depressed scars and rejuvenation but was our of focus due to high absorption rate. With development and refinement of fat harvesting technique, its turning one of the most useful and reliable source of filling material. We have further refined the technique, as a result our harvested fat is clean bloodless, needs least processing and its take rate & survival has made it filler of first choice.
    We are using fat graft for face, for depressed scars, for contour deformities, post liposuction deformities , for augmentation of beast, butt, penile and female genital organs and its providing good result.

    Fat Graft Harvesting : Donor Area - Any area having surplus amount of subcutaneous fat is a potential donor area. Common fat donor areas are lower abdomen, inner thighs, posterior thighs, part of thigh just above knees. We have even taken fat from area of excess just by the side of problem area and filled it in depressed area .
    We harvest Fat graft with a small 2-3 mm puncture, which is barely visible with specialized cannulas, different fat particles size are harvested for different purpose. Our fat harvesting and processing technique is little different from common technique and we apply minimum force on fat so that cell damage is very less and graft take & longevity is high.

    Fillers Vs Fat Injection

    Artificial fillers : two types of artificial fillers are there - temporary and permanent. Permanent fillers are not used much as with time they collect in spherical shape , cause distortion and their removal leaves bad scar. they are very rarely used now. Temporary fillers contain collagen, hyaluronic acids or similar material and are most commonly used ones . Advantage is that they come in ready filled syringes and surgery is not required for their harvesting, can be injected as small office procedure. Disadvantage is their cost, specially when large volume is required and that they disappear after a few months. so repeated procedure is required. sometimes may cause allergy too.

    Fat injection compared to fillers is your own body tissue , so possibility of allergy or rejection is rare, available in ample amount in most cases, can be harvested with small scar less procedure in general or local anesthesia (depending upon site & volume required) good for large volume augmentations. Disadvantage is that it need surgical procedure, which is usually minor and that some amount of fat may get absorbed ( 10-30 %) over time and may need one or two repeated procedures compared to fillers which need repeated procedures every 6-8 months.
                      Our fat harvesting, handling and injection technique is producing good result with minimum absorption and repeat is required only a few cases, So over all fat is more beneficial than filler for permanent result both in terms of cost and result.

    Fat Transfers Video & Before After : Some Examples

    Fat Injection Fat Grafting

    Deepening of Nasolabial and Melo Labial Fold :- the line between nose and cheek and lip and cheek. Minor ones can be addressed with fillers , for major ones with face descent- face lift is best option.

    Cheek Lift Augmentation Fat Injection Delhi, India.
    Before After Picture - Cheek Augmentation and Face rejuvenation, for cheek fat removal or debulking - see liposuction page

    Cheek depression :

    Augmentation with fat injection to reduce prominence of acne scar along with cheek augmentation. Fat injection we are also using in cases of depressed multiple acne scars. see scar page for that. .

    Depressed Cheek Fat Grafting Delhi, India.
    Fat injection before after picture for cheek hollow
    Fat Injection Forehead to correct depressed forehead scar due to localized scleroderma (Morphea)

    Forehead Depression Fat Injection Morphea, Delhi, India.
    Before and After pictures of depressed scar depressed cheek treated with fat injection.

    Fat Injection for depressed scars : Fat injection is good to elevate scars and to be used as interposition tissue or layer between two adhered tissue. Here are two examples , in one there was post infection loss of bone and depression in sternum (central bone of chest) - scar revision and filling of depression with fat has been done. In another pic, there was post surgery adhesion between skin and muscle leading to restricted muscle movement. Release of adhesion followed by fat injection as lubricating layer was done. so, finally improvement in both look and function.

    Scar Fat Transfers, Delhi, India.

    Scar Fat Injection, Delhi, India.

    Face Lipo-sculpture :

    Case of hemifacial microsomia - left half of face smaller than right half and looking little twisted. Fat injection has been used to equalize both sides of face.

    Face fat grafting Before After face liposculpture delhi, india.

    Under Eye Dark Circles , Tear trough Deformity, Naso Jugal Groove

    Under eye dark circle is common occurance in todays life, specially urban life with hectic life schedule & abnormal sleep habits. All these leading to premature aging changes. Under eye dark circles are some times classified as 1) due to pigment 11) vascular. Reason is little different. When we are young, our peri-ocular fat (fat around eyeball) is in continuity with our cheek fat so face looks smooth. Peri-ocular fat is contained by orbital septum having attachment at orbital margin (Arcus marginalis). In young age , there is no gap between peri-ocular fat and cheek fat so no dark circles. with aging, our cheek fat descends gradually and becomes separate from peri-ocular fat & you will notice a groove at eyelid cheek junction line starting near inner canthus extending outwards. Now the reflection of light changes & gives appearance of under eye dark circles. Fat injection in tear trough deformity nasojugal groove nasolabial groove provides face young appearance and corrects under eye dark circles.

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