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    Scar Revision & Removal Before After Pictures, Delhi, India.
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    Scar Removal Acne Marks Removal in Delhi India, Serial Scar Reduction, Pimple Marks Removal, Chemical Peel, Dermabrasion, Laser Scar Removal, Stretch Marks, Fillers

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    In This Page : Scar Removal or better say Scar Reduction, Scar Revision, Serial Scar Removal or Serial Scar reduction, Acne Marks Treatment, Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Chemical peel, Tissue Expansion, Face Resurfacing in Delhi, India by Dr. Prabhash

    Scar Removal or Scar Reduction Treatment : - Options for Scar Removal surgery or scar revision surgery depends upon size of scar , location of scar, skin quality of scar and skin surrounding scar, its color , texture and so many other variants.
    Small scars need resurfacing and bigger ones need excision and cosmetic reconstruction, Details you may find below. In scar removal target is always replacement of like tissue with like tissue. Acne Marks Removal is best done with diamond brush resurfacing. see below for details.
    Post traumatic , post burn or post surgery. Treatment , again chosen from a wide range of options available .
    A scar is visible when it differs from surrounding area in color ( dys-pigmented scar or hyper pigmented scar or hypo pigmented scar) or texture or level ( depressed or elevated scar ) or thickness of scar tissue and adherence to underlying structure - so correction also involves correction of factor which makes it visible or functionally troublesome.

    Scar Revision - Serial Scar Reduction
    Scar Reduction / Scar Revision :-.Options for scar revision or scar reduction or scar removal :-
    Serial excision and closure - or Serial scar reduction in one stage or multiple stages, depending upon size, location proximity of scar to important structures and mobility of surrounding skin. the goal of replacement of like tissue with like tissue is achieved best. so for scar removal or scar reduction its always the first consideration. Skin in every part of our body is specified and bringing it from a distant area is a compromise rather than a good option for scar removal or scar reduction.
    one thing is very clear -- once a scar always a scar, be it bigger or smaller, be it visible or invisible, troublesome or harmless. Goal is to reduce the scar to invisible level. In serial scar reduction- we gradually reduce the size of larger scars initially and then finally do cosmetic correction when scar becomes very small. Surgery done is small in magnitude, under local anesthesia, very safe and does not affect day to day life of patient. final correction takes little time but result of scar correction is always the best as scar tissue is replaced by surrounding normal skin providing best color and texture match. If a scar cant be removed fully its orientation can be changed through scar revision in a way so that its no longer a cosmetic problem.

    Scar Removal Before After Pictures

    Scar Removal Treatment Delhi India

    Before After Picture Burn Scar Removal - Serial Excision

    Eyebrow Scar Removal Delhi India

    Before After Picture Scar Removal - Post Trauma forehead scar with eyebrow mismatch

    Scar Treatment Delhi India

    Post tuberculosis depressed scar on neck serial reduction- early post op redness is there

    Scar Removal India Skin Grafting Delhi

    Post Infection Scar Lower eyelid Before After Scar Removal - Full Thickness Graft from upper eyelid.

    Acne Marks Treatment Acne scars or smaller multiple scars are best treated with face resurfacing techniques like chemical peeling, Diamond brush dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.

    Acne Scar Removal India Dermabrasion Delhi
    Face car Removal Before After Picture - Post Drug eruption + infection scar - Removal with Diamond Crystal Dermabrasion

    Face Re-surfacing for Acne scar removal or scar reduction :- means stimulation of most superficial layer of skin to stimulate growth of new skin. It also stimulates regeneration and remodeling of collagen so final result is smoother, bright skin with less scar marks and wrinkles. so facial resurfacing is not only a method of scar removal but also a way of face rejuvenation.
    So its used both for treatment of acne scars, Depressed scars , wrinkles, freckles and altered pigmentation.
    Three usual methods are there :- 1) Mechanical - (Diamond brush dermabrasion), 2) Chemical - Chemical peeling, & 3) Thermal - Laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL). All three use same principle and are dependent upon same skin appendages for healing and final result , only difference between these is mode of energy used & control level.

    Chemical Peeling Chemical peeling ( like phenol (not used now), TCA, Glycolic acid , salicylic acid, mandelic acid etc) - best suitable for very superficial resurfacing, depth control is poor. Chemical peel in practice should be used only for superficial pigmentation changes and its actually good for pigmentary changes and rejuvenation.

    Thermal :- is by Laser - for moderate acne & other very small marks. A particular wavelength is absorbed by different tissues and its forms its basis of use. For details on Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Hair Removal, Face Rejuvenation, Active Acne Treatment, Photorejuvenation - please visit Laser Treatment page

    Mechanical :- Dermabrasion little labor intensive for surgeon, but best depth control, dermis regeneration & tightening. Dermabrasion with diamond brush are the best way of facial resurfacing. Dermabrasion not only gives you scar free skin but it also induces collagen synthesis and so provides your skin a healthy and young look (Rejuvenation).

    Dermabrasion Delhi Acne Scar Treatment India
    Acne Marks Removal Before After Picture - Diamond Brush Dermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion followed by cream treatment increases penetration and effect of creams and improves dark pigmented spots like Melasma, Cholesma and age spots. Microdermabrasion is not useful for facial scars like pimple or pox marks and we dont recomend microdermabrasion for scars.

    Fillers for Scar removal Fillers for scar reduction :- dermal fillers is used for depressed scars in which superficial skin color & texture is normal, bringing scar skin in level of normal skin reduces its visibility. we have both temporary and permanent fillers. permanent fillers are not preferred as they create bumps under the skin over time. fillers can be artificial ready made or fat & dermis from patients body itself is used as filler ( better option - see Fat transfers page for more details & before after).

    Skin Grafting & Tissue Expansion for Scar Removal Tissue expansion : A modality, with which, surrounding normal skin is expanded with the help of an inflatable silicone balloon type device and advanced or used in different ways to remove scars anywhere on body or bald areas in scalp. Advantage is replacement with adjacent normal skin, so the best possible cosmetic and functional result. For smaller scars same work is done through serial reduction for bigger ones tissue expansion is used.

    Scar removal Delhi Tissue expansion India
    Before and after pictures of post burn scar treated with tissue expansion
    Scar Removal India Chest Tissue Expansion Delhi
    Before and after pictures of post herpes zoster scar treated with tissue expansion.

    Skin Grafting for Scar Removal Partial thickness skin graft:-- thin slice of skin graft is harvested from hidden areas and used as replacement tissue for scar . as skin of different part of body varies so it never acquires character of recipient area and some difference is always there but its a good option in cases where large scarred area needs resurfacing.
    Full thickness skin graft:- taken from behind the ear or other body creases, it provides better skin color & texture match, also the donor area scar is hidden in natural skin crease. only limitation is that very large areas cant be covered because of small donor areas.
    Flaps and free tissue transfer : local flaps are always preferred as tissue match is best, if not available flaps from distant areas may be transferred. in fact serial excision is best and simple example of local flap for scar removal or reduction.

    Scar Reduction, Scar Revision, Chemical Peel, Laser Surgery, Dermabrasion, Tissue Expansion Surgery in Delhi, India.

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