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Otoplasty for Prominent Ear or Bat Ear in Delhi India | Ear Deformity Correction | Ear Reconstruction in Absent Ear ot Microtia | Earlobe Repair in Delhi India

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Ear Surgery

Dr. Prabhash's Ear Surgery Otoplasty Clinic, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Otoplasty : Bat Ear or Prominent Ear or Protruding or Projected Ear (otoplasty or ear reshaping) :- these type of ear lack anti helical fold ( the inner tough circle of cartilage which surrounds the hollow leading to ear canal.In Otoplasty or ear reshaping or ear shape correction, this fold is created or restored.

Before after picture otoplasty bat ear or prominent ear shape correction

Otoplasty India Ear Reshaping Surgery Video Delhi : Dr. Prabhash's Clinic

Congenital Absent & other Ear Deformities

Common Congenital Ear Deformities / Anomalies are
Microtia Absent Ear
or Small and Malformed Ear (Microtia )
Cup Ear or Lop Ear
Earlobe Deformities
Bat Ear or Prominent Ear or Protruding Ear
Acquired:- means acquired after birth, usually post traumatic , post burn or post infective.

Ear Trauma :-One Important thing about ear is that itís a structure supported by cartilage framework wrapped in skin envelope. The cartilage is an avascular structure means it has no definite blood supply and it depends upon surrounding skin for its nutrition. So in cases of trauma if only skin is lost and cartilage still there, it has very high chance of desiccation ( dryness).
So it should be kept moist with normal saline soaked gauge and some plastic surgeon should be seen urgently. Any delay after a few hours may lead to cartilage desiccation and loss, making a major reconstruction inevitable later on.
If it has been transected, the detached piece of ear should be washed with simple water and carried along with. He cartilage part can be harvested and banked in your body and can be reused later on. Ear re-implantation is also possible, if trauma is not severe laceration.

Plastic Ear Surgery

Before and after picture of post human bite ear defect- before after flap reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction

Depending upon deformity, reconstruction can be done in single or multiple stages.
For total ear reconstruction , first a framework is placed at suitable site and shape of ear is created with it. In successive stages , ear is lifted off the adjacent skull and lobule is created.

Different materials are used to create ear frame work
Autogenous cartilage framework ( from rib cartilage)- Best Material
Medpore:- artificial porous material
Silicone:- artificial ear framework

Ear Recosntruction 1
Ear Framework created with costal (rib) cartilage graft and artificial materials Medpore Silicone Framework for ear reconstruction.
Ear Reconstruction 2
Before after picture ear reconstruction with coastal cartilage graft
ear reconstruction rib cartilage graft

Partial ear reconstruction with coastal cartilage (rib) and skin graft
Cartilage Frame Ear Reconstruction
Before and after picture of partial ear reconstruction

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe cleft are congenital while, split earlobes or earlobules are most commonly due to weight of ear rings or sudden pull down. perhaps one of the most common ear reshaping surgery is earlobe repair. earlobe reconstruction is required in congenitally absent earlobe or post traumatic loss. post dogbite earlobe loss is very common (see pic- post dogbite loss of earlobe & reconstruction)

earlobe / Lobule reconstruction
earlobe repair
Post dog bite loss of ear lobule before and after reconstruction with local flap- color match takes time
earlobe Repair
Partial and total ear reconstruction & earlobe repair reconstruction

Ear , Ear Reconstruction, Otoplasty or Ear Reshaping for Bat Ear or Prominent Ear or Protruding Ear, earlobe Repair in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

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