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    Gynecomastia Surgery Before After Pictures India.

    Gynecomastia Surgery informations India.
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    Male Breast Gynecomastia Surgeon, Delhi, India. Best Gynecomastia Surgeon India Dr. Prabhash, Delhi, India. Gynecomastia Surgery Videos by Dr. Prabhash, Delhi, India.
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    Best Minimally Invasive Virtually Scarless Gynecomastia Surgery in India. Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping as best Gynecomastia Treatment for perfect masculine shape in Delhi, India. A center for best gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi, India Serving both Indian & International Patients.

    Gynecomastia Male Breast

    In this page : Gynecomastia or Large Male Breast : Gynecomastia Definition, Synonyms & Types, Gynecomastia Treatment Options, Gynecomastia Surgery Video, Classical & Minimally Invasive Gynecomastia Surgery (Total Chest Reshaping - Our Own Development ) Before After Pictures & Faqs.

    Syn : Gynecomastia Surgery, Male Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia Treatment, Male Breast Surgery, Man Boobs Surgery, Mens Chest Fat or Moobs Removal Surgery, Gyno Removal Surgery or Gyno Surgery, Moobs Correction Surgery

    Gynecomastia or Male Breast : Gynecomastia or male breast literally means development of female or women like breast in male. Breast tissue is there both in male & females. Both Male Breast and female Breast consists of glands embedded in fat. Glands in Gynecomastia or Male breast are active tissue and fat provides cushion. Fat in Male Breast or Gynecomastia is cushion providing fat and not energy store, so this fat usually doesn't disappear even with vigorous exercise.

    Types Of Gynecomastia or Male Breast: Three usual types:- (a) Neonatal Gynecomastia or male breast (Man Boob) (in new born, under influence of maternal sex hormone) (b) Adolescent Gynecomastia or male breast (Man Boob) enlargement, (at puberty), (c) In old age or Senile Gynecomastia or male breast (Man Boob) enlargement, (when circulating male sex hormone is reduced and female sex hormone predominates) (d) other reasons may be pathological or drug induced Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement.

    Drug Treatment for Gynecomastia

    Medicine or Drug Treatments for Gynecomastia or Male breast (Man Boob) :- Can be tried after consulting some endocrinologist but invariably they fail to reduce size surgery is ultimately required. Gynecomastia is a hormone induced problem and treatment will be anti hormone, which affects other functions too. Side effects are usually intolerable. Most important, Glands once grown don't revert back. There are many so called "Chest Fat Reduction Pills" or Chest Fat Removal Medicines being advertised, we advice you to any medicine only after consulting endocrinologist. Some chest fat reduction pills companies have hacked our video in past and put their advertisement on that, we declare that we don't have any association with any of them.

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Various Approaches for Gynecomastia (Man Boob) Surgery :-

    Open Gynecomastia surgery or Male Breast Reduction Surgery :-

    Peri-areolar or Circum-areolar Incision:- In open approach & En-bloc or In toto removal , incison is made either at areola skin junction or just inside , gland is dissected through the same opening and entire gland is delivered out. this is classical surgery for gynecomastia in cases where there is no skin sagging and no skin excision is required. En-bloc removal is an old technique which removes gynecomastia tissue as well as nerves & blood vessels. With our modification (see below), nerve and blood vessels are preserved.

    Infra-mammary approach :- incision below the breast in breast fold to take out gland as well as extra skin. this surgery may become obligatory in some cases where skin sagging is too much or breast is very large , otherwise its best avoided, as it leaves an ugly scar in visible area. till now, we never needed to perform it even in bigger Gynecomastia cases.

    Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) :-

    Minimally Invasive (Scar less) Surgery :- through remote tiny incisions ( 3-4 mm) and removal of entire Fat & gland through that. Tumescent male breast Liposuction & Lipo-sculpture removes fat from around the glands as well as sides of chest followed by another cannula to remove glands. Scar less Male Breast Reduction Surgery we are without creating any scar on breast or nipple areola complex. Currently, we are doing male breast reduction through minimally invasive surgery in almost all cases, its not only scar less but time saving also, entire surgery takes 60-80 minutes only. Technique of gland removal through 4 mm cannula only has revolutionized Gynecomastia treatment. We call it total chest reshaping (see video & description below). Entry points in minimally invasive Gynecomastia treatment surgery is smaller than a keyhole.

    Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping (MIS - TCR) :- Males who have Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement also have fat distribution and shape of upper body more like females. In such cases only removal of Gynecomastia tissue from beneath the nipple is not sufficient. In such patients we are doing total chest reshaping with Liposuction, including front and sides of chest along with Gynecomastia removal so that their feminine appearance changes to normal regular masculine shape.

    Male Breast Reduction : Videos & Before & After Pictures

    Male Breast Reduction Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia Surgery - Picture showing Instrument entry points (three) , each 3-4 millimeters punctures in skin only away from breast area , practically no scar, Correction of entire breast area along with side bulges ( arrow on sides)

    Male Breast Reduction

    Before After Picture Scar less Gynecomastia Surgery / Male Breast Reduction Correction

    Note : In most cases of Gynecomastia Surgery Liposuction with Gland cutting Cannula itself is sufficient and we dont need to put any cut near Nipple Areola Complex (see next video below), which has been shown here. Its needed only in a few cases where glands are more slippery or densely embedded in surrounding tissue, even then scar is almost never visible, (see last part in video).

    Large Gynecomastia Treatment
    Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping works well even in Largest size Gynecomastia. Most impressive is skin contraction after Gynecomastia treatment.

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Male Breast Reduction Surgery during operation and Gynecomastia Surgery before after picture- Comparison of Breast Mass before and after scar less removal.

    Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    Gynecomastia or Male Breast : Before after Picture scar less removal, Skin contracts well no skin removal required

    Gynecomastia Treatment Unilateral

    Unilateral Male Breast Enlargement or Gynecomastia , Before after Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia Surgery Before After

    Scarless Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction surgery with Chest Reshaping

    Male Breast Reduction : Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia Revision : We are frequently doing Gynecomastia surgery revision (all cases first operated somewhere else). Till now revision has not been needed in our own case. Most revision cases are for either residual Gynecomastia or breast gland tissue there due to incomplete removal or unacceptable scar. It can happen with any surgery with any surgeon and patient. Revision surgery can be done three to 6 months after primary surgery once the skin there becomes soft and supple.

    Male Breast Reduction Gynecomastia Surgery Treatment procedure & Recovery Time

    Gynecomastia Surgery FAQs :-

    Q :- Why Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement occurs?

    Ans:- Male and Females both are having hormones of both the sexes. During puberty both hormones rise, in some cases excess rise in estrogen (female hormone) leads to female like breast in males which is called Gynecomastia in medical term and male breast enlargement or man boob in lay man terminology.

    Q :- Is there any chance of regression without surgery?

    Ans:- yes, regression can be seen within one year of development of Gynecomastia. After one year chances of regression are less and persistence of male breast or Gynecomastia beyond two years is clear indication for surgery.

    Q :- What are surgeries available for Gynecomastia?

    Ans:- Gynecomastia Surgery has already been mentioned above . you may see there. In nutshell two types are there - open circum-areolar and minimally invasive. We prefer to do chest reshaping with Gynecomastia surgery to make look totally masculine.

    Q : What about awake Tumescent Gynecomastia Surgery?

    Ans : Tumescent anesthesia and analgesia is used in every case of liposuction everywhere in body , so it doesn't need special mention. We are doing tumescent liposuction for fat removal, chest reshaping and use gland cutting cannula for gland removal . So both Gynecomastia removal as well as total chest removal has become possible with minimally invasive technique.

    Q:- is Gynecomastia surgery a big surgery?

    Ans:- No, its moderate level Day Care surgery. You may go back to home 6 hours after gynecomastia surgery.

    Q :- How long Gynecomastia Surgery and Recovery takes?

    Ans:- Surgery usually takes around one hour, we prefer general anesthesia so that complete work can be done safely and smoothly. Very small cases with no contour deformity can be done in local anesthesia also but not much preferable. Anesthesia starts 5-6 minutes before surgery and is over 5-6 minutes after surgery. 2-3 hours of rest followed by increasing mobility. Normal diet after 3-4 hours and you may go home after 6 hours. Next morning you are fully active but with slight discomfort or stiffness in operated area similar to that which you get after starting exercise .

    Q:- How much rest required?

    Ans :- If you are office worker with no much physical activity you may resume work in 1-2 days , if more physical work is there should delay for 3-4 days then resume gradually. Strenuous work and heavy weight lifting should be avoided for at least three weeks.

    Q :- Any complication possible and what is incidence?

    Ans:- Almost all complication related to surgery including infection, bleeding , pain , unsatisfactory result may happen in Gynecomastia surgery also. Till Now we have not seen any of them. We take proper precaution right for very beginning and getting good result.

    Q :- Any Chance of breast cancer in Gynecomastia?

    Ans:- Male breast cancer are rare but yes rarely some cases may develop cancer. Chances are remote. Rather tumors of testis and hormone secreting glands are more common.

    Q :- Any systemic disorder which may be associated with Gynecomastia ?

    Ans :- Yes, a vast majority of abnormal hormonal disorders may be associated with Gynecomastia but in a few percentage of cases. majority of Gynecomastia are idiopathic . Most common association are hormone secreting tumors.

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