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    Best Face lift, Neck lift, Double chin correction, Face rejuvenation Face Cream Treatment for ageing face at lowest cost in Delhi, Inda.

    face lift, Neck Lift, Double chin correction, Dimple Creation at Dr. Prabhash's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Delhi, India.

    In this page : Face Surgery including Face Lift & Neck lift, Face Rejuvenation , Cream Treatment & Non-surgical methods of face rejuvenation, Chin Enlargement & Double Chin Removal Surgery at low affordable cost in Delhi, India.
    Face Cosmetic Surgeries are aimed at Removal of marks of aging and to rejuvenate an aging face.
    Changes with age include dryness of skin, development of dys- (altered) pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles, localized telangictasia, thinning of dermis deepening of facial crease lines and sagging of entire face.

    Face lift Neck Lift

    to rejuvenate aging and sagging face .
    Both skin and muscle layers are tightened to provide face a natural youthful appearance.
    Face lift is often combined with neck lift and brow lift. Sagging neck may be due to excess fat, platysma muscle dehiscence or excess loose skin, problem is identified and treatment planned accordingly, its a reason of double chin
    Face Lift Surgery usually refers to mid-face & lower face lift i.e. lift of sagging cheek, chin and neck area.

    Classical face lift

    involves incision at the cheek ear junction and behind the ear, entire skin with sub cuteneous muscle is lifted and fixed in a new tight position.

    MACS Lift

    Minimal Access cranial suspension lift is less invasive version of face lift, which involves multiple small incisions and so less scar.

    Thread Lift

    Thread Lift is available by various names, none of them is suitable for use. they provide short term un natural result. A sagging old looking face may be due to loss of volume also, often after crash dieting, such faces can be rejuvenated by well planned fat filling and rejuvenation

    Short Scar Facelift :- In short scar facelift surgery, small incision aling the ear anterior margin is made, mid-face up to jaw line area is lifted and scar goes on preauricular line, almost invisible. Very good for people in their late thirties and fourties, as only midface needs lift. Its a short day care procedure taking around one to one & half hours with best possible result.

    Minimally Invasive Face Lift Procedure : Face skin tightening can be done without making incisions and so without scar too. Small punctures allow entry of instruments and skin is stimulated for tightening. This is best suitable for those having moderate laxity.

    Neck lift Neck Tightening

    Neck turns saggy with age , with increasing fat & with increasing laxity of platysma muscle there. Treatment depends upon diagnosis of individual problem and its correction. Very saggy neck is usually associated with sagging face, and neck lift is done with face lift. In some cases skin is not very lax, but underlying platysma muscle support is weaken and diverication of platysma appears (common in smokers and those with chronic sore throat & cough), in these platysmaplasty with slight skin tightening may suffice. Those with fatty neck need neck lipo. Most cases are having combination of these problems, so treatment is decided accordingly.

    Double Chin Removal

    Double chin accumulation of fat in subcutaneous plane. Liposuction wit or without platysmaplasty is treatment. Presence of small chin due tounderdeveloped bone often is present & accentuates the problem.
    Sagging neck :- due to accumulation of fat as well as laxity of neck muscle platysma.
    Needs neck lift which may be combined with Face Lift and Neck Lift or Neck Liposuction as per need.
    Face (Facial ) Implants / Chin Implant / Cheek Implants :- In face implants are usually used for Nose ( not preferred , Autogenous tissue is better ), Cheek (Malar) Implants - to augment depressed cheek bone , tear through ( tear trough) Implant for under eye depression and Chin Implant augmentation are very much acceptable and most of times provide best solution. If deficiency is in bone correction of skin with fat injection is not the solution.

    Chin Enlargement

    Chin Enlargement (Augmentation Genioplasty):- to augment small chin can be done with implant either Medpore Impant or Silicone Implant or with advancement of chin bone. Small chin is very common in those with long nose and protruded teeth. Isolated Chin Implant Augmentation or with Nose Correction makes their look normal and attractive.

    Chin Enlargement Genioplasty

    Chin Augmentation or chin enlargement or augmentation genioplasty before after Picture.

    Dimple Creation

    Dimple Creation : Dimple makes your face cute. Its done under local anaesthesia and hardly takes 25-30 minutes in dimple creation surgery. No rest required. Dimple creation is an outdoor procedure.

    Cream Treatment for Face Rejuvenation :-

    Not all cases of dull and aged looking face needs surgery, most of cases can be managed with creams & other medcial treatments. Ours face usually turns dull with different texture, darkening & varied pigmentation due to ageing & sun exposure. In such cases of face dullness, some texture & skin lightening creams with sun screen provides beautiful result, rejuvenates our face & restores youthful appearance.

    Face Wrinkles

    starts forming in early thirties and becomes evident in early forties.
    For fine localized wrinkles , fillers can be used.
    For Forehead Wrinkles Botox , or Botulinum Toxin A for face rejuvenation and Wrinkle Correction.
    For generalized ones:- facial resurfacing with Chemical Peel, Dermabrasion or Laser is best suitable option. For generalized wrinkles with sagging face :- face lift with or without resurfacing.

    Face Surgery, Face Lift, Brow Lift, Neck Lift, Forhead Lift, Chin Surgery & Profiloplasty in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

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