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    Lip Augmentation Surgery India Before After

    Lip Reduction Delhi & Lip Augmentation India Informations

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    Thin Lip Augmentation with Fillers & Fat injection in Delhi India | Cleft Lip Repair Cleft palate Surgery | Thick Lip Double Lip Correction | Best Lip Augmentation & Lip Reduction Surgery at affordable low cost in Delhi, Inda.
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    Lip Augmentation Surgery

    Lip Surgery for Lip augmentation with Filler or Fat for Thin Lips :
    Thin lips usually give tired and exhausted look while full and protruding lip look more healthy and sexy. Thin lips usually provide old look to face, while full lips are considered more beautiful and sexy. Lip augmentation or Lip Enlargement can be done with tissue filler or fat injection. Here is an example of lip enlargement or lip enhancement with autologus fat injection .

    Lip Augmentation Delhi Fat Injection India
    Lip augmentation with autogenous fat graft before after picture.
    Lip fat injection can also be used to correct asymmetry of lips as well.

    Lip Enlargement India Lip Enhancement Delhi
    Lip augmentation & asymmetry correction with fat injection

    Lip Reduction

    Double Lip or Thick Lip Reduction Surgery :- Double Lip Surgery is a variant of occult ( Hidden ) Cleft lip, occurs due to mal -alignment of muscles acting on lip. Correction needs both removal of excess fibro-fatty-vascular tissue as well as restoration of normal lip muscle orientation and frenum lengthening.

    Thick Double Lip Reduction
    Double Lip or Thick Upper Lip Correction Before After picture

    Thick Lower lip often , is due to small receded chin which alters axis of pull of muscles and leads to Everson of mucosa, so correction involves both Lip reduction, Chin Enlargement or Augmentation and correction of orientation of muscles.

    This is important in plastic & Cosmetic Surgery to understand the reason behind any problem, simplest treatment may not always be the optimal treatment.

    Thick Lip Reduction India Lower Lip Correction

    Cleft Lip Palate

    Cleft lip & Palate Surgery :- management of cleft lip & palate starts right after birth. cleft lip & palate are not individual problems but are constellation of so many components some of which can be managed non-surgically in early days after birth and these early small maneuvers help a lot n reconstructive surgery later on and have great impact on final cosmetic appearance of baby.
    Deformities with Cleft Lip & Palate:- As such cleft lip deformities can be broadly grouped under three headings - cleft lip; cleft palate & cleft lip nose deformity.
    Cleft Lip Can be - Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip -

    Cleft Lip Repair
    Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip with Cleft of Anterior Jaw ( Alveolar cleft )- Before After picture

    Unilateral ( One Sided) Incomplete Cleft Lip -

    Cleft Lip Surgery
    Unilateral Incomplete Cleft Lip with Nose Deformity - Before after picture

    Bilateral Cleft Lip -

    Bilteral Cleft Lip Repair Before After
    Bilateral Cleft Lip- Before After Cleft Lip Repair surgery Picture

    Cleft palate - Cleft palate associated with Cleft Lip

    Cleft Lip Cleft Palate Repair

    Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate - Cleft of Posterior Palate - Before After Cleft Lip & Palate Repair Picture

    Cleft in lip ( Discontinuity of Skin ,Muscle & Mucosa); short vertical and horizontal dimension of lip tissue on cleft side, cleft of gingiva (gum) with involvement of tooth buds; underdeveloped maxilla ( upper jaw bone) on cleft side; cleft in floor of nose; deformity of nostril and ala of nose, Deviation of nose, deviation of nasal septum; drooping tip of nose; cleft in palate; Discontinuity of muscles in soft palate which control speech & swallowing.

    Management protocol for cleft lip & palate patients :-
    i ) soon after birth alveolar molding is started to align alveolar arch ( upper jaw) and simple traction devices to reduce cleft dimension. these can be used by parents at home after consultation with a plastic surgeon.
    ii) Cleft lip surgery is done at age of three months.
    iii) cleft palate surgery is done between age of 9 months to one year.
    iv) Speech Assessment at age of 2.5 years and if needed speech therapy or revision intravelar veloplasty ( soft palate surgery) to improve speech which is usually hyper nasal in these patients.
    v) Alveolar arch expansion:- with orthodontic devices, at age of 6 years
    vi) alveolar Bone Grafting :- 7-9 years, bone from pelvis ( waist bone) grafted to alveolar arch ( upper jaw) so that bone will become continue , will provide platform for eruption of tooth and support base of nose.
    vii) cleft Rhinoplasty:- for correction of cleft lip nose deformity, done once child has crossed age of facial bone maturity , i.e. after 12 years in females and 14-15 years in males. for details visit our "Rhinoplasty" page.
    for information on cleft lip nose deformity correction you may visit my research work in research & publication page.

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