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    Liposuction in Delhi India Scar less Removal of fat with skin tightening Abdomen Liposuction Thigh & Buttock Liposuction Arm Liposuction Face & Breast Liposuction Mega Liposuction by Specialist, Liposuction at affordable cost in India, New Delhi, Delhi.

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    Liposuction at Dr. Prabhash's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, New Delhi, Delhi, India. Best Center for Abdomen or Stomach Liposuction, Thigh & Butt Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Mons Pubis Liposuction & Lift, Low cost liposuction in Delhi India.


    means suction ( negative pressure ) assisted removal of fat. Originally Liposuction was developed for removal of fat from abdomen subcutaneous (beneath skin) plane, now being used almost everywhere in body to take out undesired fat through remote tiny invisible incisions. We are doing Tumescent Liposuction with skin stimulation to induce skin tightening in loose skin so that you get both fat removal skin toning or skin tightening with Liposuction alone. No need to remove skin so no scar. Very effective in Abdomen & Hips liposuction, Thigh liposuction, Butt Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Face and Breast Liposuction.
    Liposuction is used both for Volume Reduction and body reshaping. In Lipoplasty Liposuction is used to remove fat differentially from different areas so that you get your desired shape. Lipo-sculpture i.e. sculpture or reshaping your body through liposuction involves removal of fat from areas where its excess and using the same fat after processing for augmentation of areas where bulk is less to provide curves and fullness (Fat Injection). Overall best Liposuction procedure is designed to give your body the best possible shape.

    Common areas, Their Description & Before After Pictures :-

    Liposuction Can be done anywhere if subcutaneous fat deposition present, most common are belly or abdomen, buttock, thighs, hips, arm, breast, double chin and face.

    Abdomen or Stomach or Belly Liposuction with Hips & Mons Pubis Liposuction excess abdominal fat takes out through liposuction to reduce girth and to give a beautiful shape & curves. Fat in females largely centered in subcutaneous plane (beneath skin) and so easy to take out and gives drastic result, while in males some fat is there inside abdomen also. Hips liposuction is done simultaneously with abdomen liposuction. We start abdominal liposuction just beneath breasts area continue it up to mons pubis ( vaginal lips liposuction included in same if needed), and from one flank to other in one sitting to provide you smooth uniform fat loss with appropriate curves and shape.


    Lower Abdomen Liposuction Fat deposition in both male and females isvery common in lower abdomen below umbilicus. This fat distribution is determined by hormones and resistant to dieting and exercise. lower abdomen liposuction removes this fat and gives you flat abdomen.

    Mons pubis Liposuction lower abdomen or around genitalia (for rejuvenation of private parts, sagging vaginal or hidden penile length in male ) : done along with liposuction abdomen or isolated liposuction of mons area to rejuvenate them and for vaginal or mons lift. improves personal life, makes hygiene maintenance easy as well external look in fitting clothing's improve. (Please see our videos on you tube for details & before after).

    Reduction of fat in Mons pubis Liposuction & Vaginal Lips makes it slim, and to unhide clitoris. small amount of fat is left over bone to act as smooth cushion.

    Saddle Bags & Love Handles Liposuction Saddle bags, localized collection of extra fat in flanks & upper outer side of thigh with a depression between two (site of firm bony attachment of skin) in females is very common. This fat is resistant to exercise also as its guided by hormones. In males, its at lower border of abdomen along sides, just above the pelvis bone margin ( also called side tyres or Love handles).

    Male belly Liposuction Liposuction is not only for females. Lot of male population is also enjoying this technique. Fat which is resistant to diet control and exercise can be lost through liposuction easily and it improves look even in body builders. External fat removal in males makes their body light and more presentable also it increases exercise efficiency so that they can manage rest of body weight through work out. Overall result is very pleasing.

    Liposuction before & after men belly (Delhi, India)

    Male Stomach Liposuction Before After (Delhi, India)
    Male Belly Liposuction Before & After.

    Before After Liposuction Picture Abdomen ( Stomach ) and Mons Pubis In male. Re-contouring of mons or Mons Reduction has been done to increase effective penile length ( not shown in picture ).

    Click here - For Liposuction female belly Video in Delhi, India by Dr. Prabhash

    Abdomen Liposuction Before After, Delhi, India.
    Abdomen & Flanks Liposuction Before After Picture.

    Change in volume and shape immediately before and after Liposuction- same as in video.

    Abdomen Hips Liposuction Before After, Delhi, India.
    Stomach Liposuction Before After

    Six pack Abdomen :- specially designed liposuction with or without tucking with rectus abdominis muscles can give appearance of six pack abdomen. but please note there is no substitute of good exercise and that too should be guided by your need and not by film stars. Liposuction is also combined with tummy tuck and lower body lift.

    Body contouring (Liposculpture) involves not only removal of excess fat from one location through liposuction but use of removed fat in filling areas where augmentation is needed.
    Fat Removed can used for breast augmentation, thigh and hip reshaping too.

    Thigh & Buttock Liposuction
    Thigh Liposuction : in Hips ( Waist ) thighs & buttock, fat is more fibrous and dense, skin thickness is high so skin contraction after liposuction is better and makes movement easier as well as aesthetics presentable. In cases of massive fat loss with sagging skin thigh & buttock lift may be combined with liposuction. Legs ( Calves or Calf ) Liposuction may be added to give entire lower limb a good shape.
    Buttock Liposuction Lift :Before After Picture Liposuction Thigh, Buttock & Abdomen ( Stomach) : Liposuction with good skin contraction, No skin Removal so no extra scar. In case of massive volume changes who need multiple surgery for other areas, residual skin sagging (if any) of previous area can be corrected by re-stimulation of previous area while operating new area.

    Tumescent Liposuction Inner Thigh, front and side of thigh

    Hip Thigh Butt liposuction Delhi, India

    Face (Cheek and Chin) Liposuction :- Facial liposuction commonly used in cheek to reduce puffy appearance and for double chin correction. Similarly, fat removed from other areas is used as filler for face augmentation in hollow cheeks. ( details on face page).

    Face Liposuction in India Before After
    Face Liposuction Before After

    Arm liposuction / Arm Lift / Brachioplasty : for heavy & bulky arms, brachioplasty or arm lift may be needed after heavy weight loss.

    Tumescent Technique

    Liposuction Techniques : Different Liposuction machines are there - in all principle is same break the fat and suck the fat.
    Suction Assisted Lipoplasty - Best control and time tested, Lowest energy transfer to overlying skin , least complications or side effect.
    Power Assisted - Motor driven blade inside canula - theoretically increases speed - practically increases burn of overlying skin and complication- not in use now.
    Ultrasound assisted :- No added advantage, least used now because of incidence of skin burn.
    Low frequency vibration assisted : No added advantage, still in use.
    Laser Liposuction : Claims to help surgeon in easily breaking fat cells.
    In fact fat cells are very delicate cells and you don't need any extra energy source to break them. Softest instrument with least energy transfer is safest and the best.
    Depending upon Fluid Administration ( Volume infused Vs Volume Removed) Liposuction can be Dry Liposuction, Wet Liposuction, Super wet liposuction & Tumescent Liposuction. Fluid (with medicines) infusion is done make liposuction blood less and easy procedure. Volume to be infused is decided by anticipated volume to be taken out as well as fluid & electrolyte balance of patient.

    Large Volume cases

    Large Volume (Mega) Liposuction : Large volume Liposuction or Mega-Liposuction involves removal of more than 5 % of body weight in one sitting. Depending upon body weight and fitness for surgery we are doing large volumes fat removal, but patient safety is always the most important factor while considering large volume liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery procedure. In our Liposuction we measure absolute fat as volume reduced, not fluid mixed fat, means only the actual fat removed through Liposuction.

    Liposuction in Delhi, India Before After
    Thigh & Buttock Liposuction Before After Picture

    Tightening of loose skin with lipo

    Sagging & Loose Skin after liposuction : A common problem after massive liposuction was skin sagging or Loose skin due to sudden loss of volume support similar to that after massive weight loss. We are doing Liposuction along with skin stimulation at the same time to promote its contraction. Results of Liposuctions with huge amount of fat removal and skin stimulation are very encouraging and we have almost stopped cutting and removal of saggy skin, as it contracts well over a period of 3- 6 weeks. To some extent, it dependent upon post operative care taken by patient also, regular and correct use of compression garment helps a lot. Currently we are doing mega liposuctions with skin stimulation and getting sufficient skin contraction in every case, so no need to remove skin and thus no scar is added to lower abdomen, unless abdominal muscles are very lax and need tightening.

    Liposuction Fat Reduction Procedure, Duration, Recovery & Outcome

    Liposuction and Liposculpture FAQs:-

    1) What the Liposuction procedure means?

    Ans:- as suggested by name, suction is used to remove fat from undesired location. Only fat from subcutaneous plane ( beneath skin ) is removed.

    2) How Much Time I will Have to Spend & How much fat can be taken out in Liposuction?

    Ans:- Liposuction procedure takes 1-3 hours depending upon volume to be removed. 2-3 hours absolute rest. you are mobile and accepting light food after 6 hours and now you may go home. In mega liposuction- 24 hours stay preferred.
    You may resume work light office work after 2-3 days, Heavy work you should avoid for 7-10 days ( in mega liposuction). Up to 5% of body weight is Internationally recommended limit. Removal of more than 5% in one session is mega liposuction . Up to 8-10 % can be usually taken out but only if patient is otherwise fit and no other medical problem is there. Liposuction is method of body reshaping, undesired fat reduction, its not treatment of morbid obesity. in cases of morbid obesity bariatric surgery is a better and some times the only option. Patient safety is our most important concern and patient co-operation is most important requirement.

    3) Which anaesthesia for Liposuction - Local or General ?

    Ans:- Local anesthesia can be used for a very small area, localized bumps only. Usually liposuction involves a wide surface area and so with local anesthesia possibility of drug over dosage is always there. either risk of drug over dosage or half hearted work- it has turned to be a world wide concern now. General anesthesia is much more safer and short lasting now. We don't use unsafe practice in the name of newer technique. Only best and time tested methods will be used.

    4) Can Liposuction be used to reduce weight or only inch loss?

    Ans:- most of our body weight is because of body water and the tissue which contains most of body water is muscle. Fat is the tissue which contains very less amount of water. So removal of fat only cant help in weight reduction.But , for any weight of fat , the volume is very high, so removal of fat even nominal compared to body weight, gives a great loss in body volume. So, liposuction is basically a means of inch loss rather than weight loss.

    5) Will there be any scar mark after Liposuction Surgery?

    Ans:- in liposuction tiny holes ( a few millimeters only) are made in skin to allow passage of suction canula. So the scar is always unnoticeable unless patient is having very strong tendency of hypertrophic scarring.

    6) Duration of Liposuction surgery and recovery period after Liposuction Surgery?

    Ans:- length of surgery usually varies between one to two hours for any given site, but overall time consumed depends upon amount of fat there. Patient can walk home same day evening or next morning. They will have to wear a pressure garment for around one month to three months for better outcome. Mild bruising is there which usually resolves in three weeks to six weeks.

    7) Is there any chance of regaining fat after Liposuction?

    Ans:- fat regain can occur anytime in your life and it depends upon your life style. Usually fat re accumulation after liposuction is less.

    8) Any difference between male Liposuction and female Liposuction?

    Ans :- yes, there is difference in distribution and quality of fat between male and female. In females, fat mostly lies in subcutaneous plane and is less fibrous, so easier to take out. Also it produces more dramatic change in figure.
    In males , fat is both in subcutaneous plane as well as inside abdomen. Also fat is more fibrous. So result of liposuction, though very useful, is not as dramatic as in females.

    9) what is Liposculpture or Liposplasty?

    Ans:- Liposculpture is modality to modify subcutaneous fat to give body a particular shape. It includes both removal of fat ( where it is excess) and injection of removed fat in locations where it is desired. So both reduction and augmentation are used to give body a particular shape.

    10) Any rest required after Liposuction Surgery ?

    yes, Rest for six hours after surgery, its better to take leave from work for 2-3 days, avoid exertion and heavy work for a week at least.

    11) Can Liposuction affect or damage my internal organs or fertility ?

    Liposuction has nothing to do with your internal organs or fertility. All your important organs are located inside abdomen encased in muscular shield and during liposuction we work only beneath the skin. So, there is no harm to internal organ including internal genital organs and so nothing to do with fertility. In fact any abdominal surgery which is not supposed to handle your internal genital organs like uterus or tube or ovary has nothing to do with your fertility. In fact, Liposuction abdomen , especially lower abdomen improves symptoms of PCOD or PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and insulin requirement in diabetes.

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