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Nevus Mole Removal Delhi Birthmarks Surgery India

Birthmarks Hairy Nevus Removal
Birthmarks Hairy Nevus Mole Removal Surgery :- Birthmarks are usually Brown or Black patches with or without hairs. Size varies from millimeters to huge ones. those occupying more than 5 % of body surface area are called Giant Hairy Nevus . its a myth that presence of hairs is an indicator that there is least chance of malignant ( cancerous ) transformation. though the chances of developing cancer is very small but its still there and more than that in normal population. chances of cancer development in more in giant hairy nevus and it increases sharply after child attains puberty i.e. after 8 years in females and after 9-10 years in boys. so its advisable to get early removal of these hairy nevus. Smaller ones can be removed and closed in most cosmetic way. Bigger ones may need some sort of flap or graft surgery. Whenever possible staged surgery can avoid additional scars and gives the best possible result as diseased portion is replaced with normal healthy neighbor tissue. When needed, Full thickness skin graft is better than split thickness skin grafts. Please also see our Scar Removal page and Fat Grafting page for better idea about options available.
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Birthmarks Mole Removal Before After Pictures
Face Hairy Mole Removal Delhi Nevus Removal india Dr Prabhash
Before After Birthmarks Removal Nevus Surgery
Birthmarks Face Mole Removal Before After Delhi Dr Prabhash India
Before After Picture Birthmarks or Hairy Mole Removal
Mole Removal India face Nevus Removal Delhi
Hairy Nevus or Birthmarks removal Before After Picture
Overall goal is to replace similar tissues with similar tissue.
The biggest ones are best served with tissue expansion in single or multiple stages

Common Mole Removal
Mole Removal(Common Moles) : Small non hairy moles are almost universal found multiply in every human being. moles are more common on face and neck area. These are melanocyte deposition in varying layer of skin and their surgery is also decided by their depth in skin , most superficial ones are shaved off preserving skin thickness , but most cases for which people look for treatment are deep in dermis or deep to dermis in such cases removal of full thickness is required. In both cases surgery is almost scar-less.

Face Mole Removal Before After Delhi Dr Prabhash India
Mole Removal Lip Before After

Mole Removal on Nose Delhi Dr Prabhash India
Mole Removal, Cold Needle Technique, Least invasive, least energy transfer, least damage to surrounding skin & deeper structure, best mole removal result. Radio-frequency ablation is another good option for smaller moles.

Mole Removal from Eyelid Margin by Dr Prabhash, Delhi, India.
Scarless removal was important in this case as this cystic mole removal could have caused ectropian (eversion of eyelid margin) or Coloboma (depression in eyelid margin) in this case

Leukoderma White patches Removal
White Patches :- these are usually considered a blemish in society and people often relate them with leprosy, which is not correct. May occur after trauma, burn or hypersensitivity reactions. Common Vitilgo ( white patches) is an auto immune disorder in which one’s own body immune system destroys melanocytes ( the pigment producing cells)
Treatment:- when a component of autoimmune disease, it would be treated with medicines. In stable cases, melanocyte transfer is best method.

White patch leucoderma removal before after Delhi Dr Prabhash India
Before After Picture White patches leukoderma (Leucoderma)

Dark Spots Removal
Hyper pigmented patches (dark Spots or Black spots ) :- usually after superficial burn or trauma. Black spots and brown spots are common with aging and in fact they are features of aging skin. Removal of dark or brown or black spots gives face a fresh and young healthy look.
Treatment involves superficial peel or Dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. During healing period , melanocyte activity is controlled with medications and creams to provide optimum color match.

Dark Spots Removal Before After India Dr Prabhash Delhi
Dark Non Hairy Birthmarks - Dermabrasion - Healing & Gradually acquiring Normal Color- Before after picture.

Vascular malformations - Haemangiomas Venous malformation
Vascular malformations :- smaller ones appear as mark only pink or violet color. Bigger ones appear as swelling. These are due malformed blood vessels.
Can be treated with excision or sclerotherapy. Larger ones may need reconstruction after excision.

Vascular malformation haemangioma before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi
Before After Picture Vascular Malformation Venous Haemangioma

Warts & Skin Tags Removal : Warts & skin tags are removed as short office procedure using radiofrequency or cold needle. Result in cases of warts and skin tags is scar less similar to small mole removal.
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