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    Skin lumps on face and body, Sebaceous Cysts, Lipoma Removal, Fibromas Removal, benign tumors removal and reconstruction

    Lipoma Removal Delhi Cysts Lumps Removal India

    Skin Problems:- face skin lumps, abnormal growths & pathologies developing with aging

    Skin Tumors or skin lumps - commonly found are sebaceous cysts, granulomas, antibiomas, skin lesions developing with ageing. we remove them with appropriate margin in cosmetic way so that post excision look is excellent. Malignant tumors should preferably be removed by Onco-surgeons, plastic surgeons are needed to reconstruct the defect and deformity.

    Before After Pictures of Skin swellings, Skin Growths Removal & Cosmetic Correction

    Face Plastic & Cosmetic surgery, Delhi, India

    Face Plastic & Cosmetic surgery, Delhi, India

    Before After Pictures of Skin swellings, Skin Growths Removal & Cosmetic Correction

    Endoscopic Plastic Surgery / Remote and Endoscopic removal of lumps ( tumors)
    Button Hole Surgery : Removal of lumps and cysts through hidden incisions to avoid scar in visible areas. Lipomas , sebaceous ( epidermoid), dermoid cysts, fibromas etc are common lumps. Incidence is very high and we often ignore them or donít want removal, especially on exposed areas, because removal may leave a scar behind.
    Any lump is a tumor , please note that not all lumps are malignant (cancers). More than 90% of swellings are benign.
    Techniques using remote hidden scar removal of these lesions donít leave scar on exposed area and so no cosmetic deformity thereafter.
    For example, lumps on face can be taken out through incision in oral (mouth) cavity , inside nose , behind the ears or through hair bearing scalp.
    Similarly, on other parts of body , they can be taken out through incisions in crease e.g. elbow, groin, knee etc.


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