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    Penis Surgery - Penis Enlargement Surgery or Penis thickness enlargement, Penis Straightening |Penis foreskin correction | Penis tight skin correction |Circumcision | Frenuloplasty | Scrotum Testis Implant| Bent Penis Curvature Correction |Best Penis Enlargement surgery cost in India, New Delhi, Delhi.

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    Penis Enlargement Surgery in India Fat Grafting Delhi

    Penis Enlargement Surgery / Permanent Penis Fattening - please read about both length & girth

    Penis Enlargement Surgery :- Page contains information about Penis fat grafting for permanent penis girth enlargement procedures, Male Sexual Problems like erectile dysfunction, Peno-scrotal web correction for penile lengthening, bulky male mons pubis correction for hidden penis or buried penis & testis and scrotum section.
    Penis surgery before after pictures have been removed from this page, For penis enlargement videos & before after pictures visit our videos on You tube - Penis Enlargement Surgery India Penis Fat Grafting Delhi.

    Small penis may be due to hormone deficiency, Idiopathic, scrotal web, buried or hidden penis due excess fat in mons pubis or due to underdeveloped corpora. Individual cause is identified and penile enlargement surgery is planned accordingly.

    Penis Length Enlargement : Individual penile length is decided by genetics and many other factors. Theoretically, penile size usually doesnt affect married life or fertility but practically no female denies fascination towards bigger penis size. Sexual excitement & satisfaction in females is related to penis size & most females like large penis. With ageing, excessive weight gain or weight loss, child birth & increased vaginal laxity, female may feel that girth should be more. Increased penis girth provides more friction & more pleasure. Overall, Thickness of penis is more important than length.
    Please Mind There is no medicine or pills which can increase either length or girth of penis. Actual erect length of penis cant be increased with any medicine or surgery, we are not interested in making fake claims, Only Thickness of penis can be enlarged with fat graft and resting length of penis looks longer after fat graft. Penis Length, if being restricted by some anatomical factor like chordee, peno-scrotal webbing (see peno-scrotal webbing before after below), Fatty Mons covering base of penis reducing effective length of penis
    (see mons pubis reduction for hidden or buried penis and penis web correction before after below)

    Release of Suspensory Ligament - Some recommend release of suspensory ligament of penis to increase length, actually it increases only flaccid length, and that too less than that with fat grafting and no effect on erect length, so overall no gain. Also it makes penis instable during erection. we dont recommend this procedure. Fat Grafting for penis girth enlargement by us increases flaccid length along with thickness without cutting suspensory ligaments, so we prefer fat grafting for both penis thickness (in both flaccid & erect state) and penis length enlargement in flaccid state .

    Permanent Penis Girth Enlargement or Penis thickness enlargement can be increased either with fat graft, dermis fat graft or alloderm.  Out of these, fat graft is most predictable & reliable method of penis enlargement. We dont use artificial material for penis girth enlargement, it will be your own body fat, the most natural material. Fat grafting to increase penis thickness is almost scar less day care surgery. Fat is harvested through small punctures (2-3 mm) using specific fat harvesting cannulas & infiltrated in penis using very fine cannulas, so practically no scar .

    How Long Fat Graft Survives in Penis : Penis fat graft takes around 2-3 weeks to settle and once settled it stays there for almost whole life . Very rarely , some fat may get lost during this period and you may feel need of second surgery. Till now we have not needed to do second sitting fat grafting in any case due to fat loss. We are doing fat transfers in most natural and delicate way & Its surviving well in all our cases only after one surgery. We are thankful to God.
    Any Complication possible - Fat grafting like any other surgery is also a surgery and carries all risks of surgery. Anything may happen from minor like allergy, infection , lumpiness to life threatening ones. We take all precautions during surgery to avoid complications and are happy to inform you that we have not faced anything significant till now.
    Can it be done in circumcised penis ? : It can be done in both circumcised penis and uncut or uncircumcised penis. In fact its easier to do in circumcised penis. Penis foreskin if tight or too long , circumcision can be done along with Fat grafting at same time.

    Click on link for videos - Video 1- Penis Girth Enlargement with Fat Graft

    Video - 2 Small Penis Enlargement Video & Before After Pictures
    Video -3 new video - Penis Enlargement Surgery India Penis fat Injection Delhi

    Penis Girth Enlargement Surgery Course & Recovery : Surgery may be done in general or regional anesthesia, general is preferred as patient is more relax.
    Surgery duration 1.5 to 2 hours, discharge from hospital after 6-7 hours.
    A small dressing will be there on Penis & Fat Donor Area for 5-6 days.
    Smooth gentle activity allowed after 6-7 hours.
    heavy work should be avoided in first two week.
    As such we recommend to avoid sexual activity for 6 weeks but most of our patients are having it after 3 weeks without any problem. All patients have reported good life after this surgery till now.
    We are not doing alloplastic or artificial material for penis enlargement, only doing autologus fat grafting. We are not doing suspensory ligament release for penis flaccid length enlargement as penis fat grafting provides better lengthening than ligament cutting without any additional risk. Almost all our patients got increase in flaccid length after fat grafting only, additional procedure not required. see penis enlargement video below & Mons pubis correction, so overall you get permanent penis girth and resting length enlargement.

    Erectile Dysfunction or ED & other male sexual problems -  Erectile dysfunction or difficulty in getting sufficient hardness during erection turning intercourse is common with increasing age, associated diseases and is multifactorial. As erectile dysfunction is multifactorial , so it needs individual assessment and Treatment is focused on identification of actual problem or reason behind it. Penis Fat Grafting also helps in getting stiffer penis. Please mind medicines for erectile dysfunction should never be taken without consulting any specialist.

    Hidden Penis or Buried Penis (Tight prepuce and frenum can also be corrected at same time - Reason may be peno-scrotal web or Fatty mons pubis --
    Peno-Scrotal Web Correction or Ventral Phalloplasty for correction of Small Penis
    penis scrotal webbing is a common variant of normal anatomy in which scrotum extends on base of penis little linger than usual and it hides effective length of penis. Correction of peno-scrotal web is one effective method of functional & cosmetic lengthening of penis.

    Fatty Mons Pubis reason of Buried penis or Hidden Penis Sagging Mons in males hides significant length of Penile shaft and reduces its effective length. Fatty Mons pubis is perhaps the commonest cause of hidden penile length now. Mons Liposculpture provides good shapely mons area, exposes hidden penile length.


    Scrotum & Testis Testicular Implant : Testis one or both may be congenitally absent or may atrophy after trauma or Infection. Testicular implant provides natural look and returns your confidence.


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    Disclaimer : - Information & pictures contained in this page are for medical information purpose only, to provide information to patients regarding problem, procedure, different types of Penile surgery & expected result of Penile surgery.

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