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Hypospadias Surgery Delhi Urethroplasty India

Penis Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery :- Page contains information about congenital and acquired male genital or penis deformities, Circumcision for tight foreskin or phimosis, Frenuloplasty for tight underskin of penis of tight frenum, hypospadias surgery or urethroplasty, Glanular hypospadias urethroplasty, penile hypospadias and peno-scrotal hypospadias urethroplasty surgery, correction of chordee, both adult and pediatric hypospadias correction surgery. for penis enlargement and sexual problems see penis surgery page.
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Congenital deformities of penis Includes correction of any congenital deformity with or without malformation of urethra like Hypospadias, epispadias, abnormal curvature of penis or curved penis, Hypospadias , epispadias etc. without any deformity of urethra ( Chordee without hypospadias), hidden or buried penis, bifid scrotum, scrotal web, Congenital short or small penis etc.

Before After Picture : Curvature Correction ( Straightening ) of Curve or Bent Penis

Hypospadias Surgery Urethroplasty Hypospadias Surgery : - abnormal proximal opening of external urethral meatus of penis (opening for urine passage is on under surface of penis, and not at tip of glans penis where it should normally be) urethra may open anywhere along length of penis, slightly below its usual position at glans penis to perineum. Depending upon location of urethral opening it can be coronal hypospadias, sub-coronal, anterior penile, mid to posterior penile, peno-scrotal to perineal hypospadias. In severe cases, scrotum is bifid and genitalia looks like female, so gender assignment becomes difficult.
Hypospadias may or may not be associated with chordee (abnormal curvature of penis). Other associated anomalies with hypospadias are deformity of glans, underdeveloped corpora and torsion, narrow meatus ( or meatal stricture)

Urethroplasty Surgical intervention in Urethroplasty involves correction of abnormal curvature or penis, lengthening of penis and creation of absent portion of urethra to bring it to the tip of glans penis and glans-plasty to create normal appearing glans penis.
Surgery Should avoid any complex rotation of penile skin and goal is to restore a normal average looking penis without evidence of urethroplasty surgery.

Before and After picture of Hypospadias or abnormal proximal urethral opening of penis. Subcoronal Hypospadias - urethroplasty with glans plasty.

Before after picture Hypospadias Surgery (Urethroplasty with glans plasty)

Peno-scrotal Hypospadias Surgery Before After Picture : Two Stage surgery - in first stage curvature is corrected, penile lengthening done & tissue is transferred to meet deficiency of urethral tissue on ventral surface. In 2nd stage tabularization of urethra is created from the tissue transferred in first stage and glans-plasty done.

Before After Picture Urethroplasty showing urine stream before and after hypospadias correction surgery.

Circumcision - Tight Penis Foreskin Circumcision :- for Long prepuce ( foreskin) or narrow prepuce (constricted foreskin opening) which doesnot retract back and so no exposure of glans. In such cases there is chance of pain and tear during intercourse, paraphimosis - leading to De-vascularization of distal penis. Cleaning of smegma is not possible in such cases and smegma is known factor for penis cancer. In phimosis (narrow foreskin of penis) earliest circumcision is advisable. Constricted foreskin also makes intercourse painful. We are doing cosmetic circumcision preserving prepucial cover to provide best look and function.
Frenuloplasty - Tight Penis Frenum : Tight prepuce with tight frenum makes intercourse difficult and painful and often ruptures causing bleeding too. In cases of tight frenum, penis is normal at rest but prepuce and tight frenum create a constriction ring over glans or just after it making penis skin movement difficult. Sometimes it may break and bleed while attempting penetration. Frenuloplasty with circumcision solves this problem. Both these are small day care procedures.

Phimosis Narrow Foreskin : Inability to pull foreskin back and clean smegma (a natural secretion irritant and known carcinogen {Substances causing cancer}) Excoriation near urethral opening .

Phalloplasty Penis Reconstruction  Penis (Phallus ) Reconstruction ( Phalloplasty) :- needed in cases of traumatic loss of penis, rare congenital absence of penis (Aphalia) , in cases of very small penis ( micro-penis or micro phallia), after surgical removal of penis and in cases of sex change or gender or sex reassignment surgery. we have various techniques for it including hormonal stimulation of clitoris followed by volume & length augmentation as in cases of gender reassignment surgery ( SRS) , or complete reconstruction of penis using various flaps.

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