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    Best FTM Top Surgery India using Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping in Delhi, best ftm mastectomy cost in India serving entire North Indian Patients from Punjab, Haryana, Chandigadh, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Noida, Bhopal, Bihar & Odisha as well as kerala, Karnataka, Assam etc.

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    FTM Top Surgery Delhi FTM Mastectomy India

    FTM Top Surgery Mastectomy Female to Male Breast Removal (Scar-less FTM Top Surgery / FTM Mastectomy) please see video for before after - pics have been removed from this page) : Minimally invasive total chest reshaping is useful not only in male breast reduction but for female to male breast reduction or FTM Top surgery too. In cases of gender reassignment or sex change surgery, we take out entire breast through same small punctures and small incisions. Skin contracts well and turns flat over chest. So, even in female to male breast reduction you get a good masculine shape without any added scar. usually a big permanent scar is there due to removal of excess skin after surgery, we dont do that surgery. Minimally invasive total chest reshaping is good enough for FTM cases too. for details of Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping see our Male Breast Reduction page on this website & this page specific for gynecomastia surgery.

    click on this link for video - for FTM top surgery India FTM Mastectomy Delhi please also see our minimally invasive total chest chest reshaping videos for Dr Prabhash Gynecomastia  surgery videos - you will get to know principles behind our surgery better - available on you tube
    Female to Male Breast Reduction or FTM Top Surgery Before After.

    Minimally invasive total chest reshaping for a complete flat masculine chest without any added scar. Commonly excess skin is removed in such cases leading to a long permanent scar below nipple area at junction of chest and abdomen, we can avoid scat with minimally invasive FTM breast Reduction.

    Revision FTM Top Surgery

    FTM Top Surgery Revision : We are frequently doing FTM Top surgery revision (all cases first operated somewhere else). Till now revision has not been needed in our own case. Most revision cases are for either residual FTM Top or breast gland tissue there due to incomplete removal or unacceptable scar. It can happen with any surgery with any surgeon and patient. Revision surgery can be done three to 6 months after primary surgery once the skin there becomes soft and supple.

    FTM Top Surgery Recovery & FAQs :-

    Q :- Why FTM Top Surgery or FTM Breast Removal needed?

    Ans:- Breast is a normal finding in females, but some females develope gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria & they need breast removal so that they can live like male. As such its advisable to continue with their genetic gender as till now we dont have surgical techniques to convert a female to fully functional male or a male to fully functional female. But most of cases find it difficult to maintain their genetic gender and need gender reassignment surgery .

    Q :- What are options available for FTM Top Surgery?

    Ans:- FTM Top Surgery has already been mentioned above. in classical FTM top surgery, breast is removed, nipple is either grafted or relocated and excess skin is removed leaving a long scar at chest abdomen junction, which stays there for whole life. we dont prefer to do this scarring surgery. We prefer to do chest reshaping with Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping FTM Top surgery to make look totally masculine. Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping was designed by Dr Prabhash in 2010 for Gynecomastia & published in n2011 on you tube. Result was so superior and scar less that he extended this for FTM Top Surgery & now patients are getting flat scarless masculine chest with it.

    Q : Which Anesthesia is required for FTM Top Surgery & what are components of Minimally Invasive FTM top Surgery?

    Ans : General anesthesia with tumescent infiltration is required. Minimally Invasive FTM top Surgery involves Liposuction for fat removal & gland removal. Liposuction s not simply for fat removal, its used for gland separation & skin stimulation for contraction besides fat removal

    Q:- is FTM Top surgery a big surgery?

    Ans:- No, its moderate level Day Care surgery. You may go back to home 6-8 hours after FTM Top surgery.

    Q :- How long FTM Top Surgery and Recovery takes?

    Ans:- Surgery usually takes around 2-3 hours, we prefer general anesthesia so that complete work can be done safely and smoothly. Anesthesia starts 5-6 minutes before surgery and is over 5-6 minutes after surgery. 3 hours of rest followed by increasing mobility. Liquid followed Normal diet over 3-6 hours and you may go home after 6-8 hours. Next morning you are fully active but with slight discomfort or stiffness in operated area similar to that which you get after starting exercise . Restricted movements and rest is advisable for 5-7 days, light exercise allowed after 3 weeks and full exercise after 6 weeks

    Q:- How much rest required?

    Ans :- If you are office worker with no much physical activity you may resume work in 5-6 days , if more physical work is there should delay for 3-4 days then resume gradually. Strenuous work and heavy weight lifting should be avoided for at least three weeks.

    Q :- Any complication possible and what is incidence?

    Ans:- Almost all complication related to surgery including infection, bleeding , pain , Nipple necrosis, unsatisfactory result may also happen in FTM Top surgery also, though not very common. we are getting good result in almsot every case.

    Q :- How to proceed for FTM Top surgery?

    Ans :- First, you should consult with two different psychiatrists, get psychoanalysis done, get fitness certificate for gender reassignment surgery. then get all legal documentation. finally you should consult your plastic surgeon performing FTM top surgery. Your clinical history will be recorded and you will get some blood tests advised. if found fit you may book date for surgery.
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