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    Best Vaginoplasty Cost in India | Vagina Tightening Surgery Delhi | Vaginal Rejuvenation |Lightening of Vaginal Dark Skin | Mons Pubis Reduction Lift | Vagina Reconstruction | Best Vagina Tightening Vaginoplasty Rejuvenation Surgery cost in Delhi.

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    Vagina Tightening Surgery Delhi Female Genital Rejuvenation India

    Female Genital Rejuvenation & Reconstruction Surgery or Vagina Surgery :- Vagina Tightening Operation or Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Like Vaginoplasty or  Vagina Tightening ,Vagina Reconstruction, Mons Pubis Fat Reduction, Mons Pubis & Labia majora Fat grafting, Enlarged labia Minora Reduction or Labiaplasty Surgery and Vagina Rejuvenation, Management of darkness around vaginal area & nearby thigh are focused on rejuvenation of aging vaginal area, Tightening of loose vagina after vaginal delivery or childbirth and Creation vaginal canal in cases where its absent congenitally or removed after some surgery usually cancer surgery. For Vaginoplasty before after pictures and videos , please click on this link  Vaginal Rejuvenation Delhi Vaginoplasty India Videos. Pictures and videos have been removed from this page.

    Vagina Tightening & Rejuvenation Vagina Rejuvenation :- Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty includes Vagina tightening (see below) as well as modification in labia majora ( fat grafting for atrophic labia and fat removal for bulky labia) , Mons lift, Reduction of labia minora (labia minora plasty - whenever needed).

    In Vagina tightening we are doing tightening of entire length of vaginal canal and not mere tightening of vaginal entry point. Vagina tightening is designed in a way that it provides a firm grip over entire length of male organ and not only near entry point.
    Management of Fat in vaginal area : In some girls labia majora and adjacent area is very thin and lacks sufficient fat, in such cases fat grafting provides volume and firm grip over males organ, improves life.
    While in others, especially obese population, labia and mons pubis is too fatty and hinders love making activity. In such cases we are doing liposuction of this area and patients getting drastic improvement in personal life.
    So, management of fat in private area is providing best improvemet in personal life along with vaginal tightening , if needed.

    Vagina Tightening Surgery & vaginal Fat Grafting or Vaginal area Liposuction Course, duration & Recovery -
    First you should consult and have assessment done of your situation , then some blood tests, if found fit you may book date for surgery.
    Vaginoplasty, Vagina Tightening , Vagina Rejuvenation Surgery, Vaginal Wall & G spot Fat Graft - Course & Recovery- Under local or general anesthesia depending upon magnitude of surgery required & as chosen by patient,
    duration approx 1.5 to 2 hours,
    discharge same or next day, again depending upon magnitude of problem.
    Absolute rest not required,
    avoid heavy work for 3 weeks, avoid love making for 6 weeks to 3 months.

    Skin Lightening of Dark Vaginal Area in Delhi, India Our genital area is usually darker than rest of body, in some cases its unusually darker. Dark discoloration of skin in vaginal area along with dark skin of adjacent thigh looks weird and affects personal life. This area can be made light & skin rejuvenation is possible with medical Treatment which restores youthful skin texture and color.

    Labiaplasty Delhi Labia Minora & Majora Correction India

    Vaginal Lips (Labia majora and Minora), their deformities & correction :  Labiaplasty Before After Pictures , Please see our video on you tube for procedures & Labiaplasty Click for Labiaplasty Before After Pictures & other female genital plastic surgery videos - Labiaplasty Delhi Vaginal Lips Rejuvenation India Genital surgery pictures have been removed from this page.

    Enlarged Labia Minora Reduction or Labiaplasty Surgery in Delhi, India
    Enlarged labia minora, inner or smaller vaginal lips-   labia minora may get enlarged after successive pregnancies, with age, with PCOD and Its treatment and it starts peeping out through the vaginal cleft. Usually it represents more male hormone in females
    Large labia minora ,not only gives genitalia an unsightly look but also interferes with maintenance of hygiene and difficulty in wearing well fitting cloths. While penetration dragging with male genital in and out makes love making painful rather than pleasant.

    Labiaplasty Surgery :- Labiaplasty is done to provide a youthful and acceptable size . usually labia minora is considered aesthetically pleasing if it is hidden by labia majora (outer lips) of vagina.
    Labiaplasty Surgery reduces size and bulk and improves look while maintaining sexual sensation .Two different methods are used. Straight trimming of labia gives unsightly scar and removes receptors of sexual pleasure - should be avoided (This is most common world wide) . Trimming in a way to preserve receptors at margin of labia minora is best (this we are doing).

    Labiaplasty Surgery Duration & Recovery
    Labiaplasty Surgery Recovery
    - Under local or general anesthesia depending upon magnitude of surgery required, duration approx 50-55 minutes, free 2-3 hours after. Absolute rest not required, avoid heavy work for 5-7 days days, avoid love making for 3-6 weeks.

    Absent Vagina Reconstruction :- Creation of a new vagina is needed. Vagina plastic surgery is done in cases with congenital (by birth) absence of vagina or vaginal atresia or Aplasia.
    Best Time for Vagina Reconstruction :-
    perhaps the most controversial point in vagina reconstruction is when to do it. Answer is as soon as possible after maturity. Its a common misconception that vagina reconstruction should be done just one month before marriage . 
    Next and most important, is any method used for vagina reconstruction, be it STG, FTG or local or distant flap takes some time to heal fully and be soft and supple. so marriage should be planned only after vaginal canal is reconstructed and maintained over a period of time successfully. we are getting patients in whom reconstructed vagina contracts and collapses after marriage leading to marital dispute. Next, it affects psychological growth and well being of adolescent girl, being always conscious of deficient body part. So vagina reconstruction should be done once patient is mature enough to understand its importance, can withstand surgery and most important can do regular dilatation to maintain vaginal canal. For repair of broken hymen see micro-surgical layered Hymenoplasty for healed hymen and for Labia majora and Labia minora reshaping see Labiaplasty page .

    Disclaimer : - Information & pictures contained in this page are for medical information purpose only, to provide information to patients regarding problem, procedure, different types of Vaginal surgery & Labia Surgery & expected result of Vaginoplasty surgery.

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