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  • Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement Surgery in Delhi India with Breast Fat Transfer & Fat Injection: Boost Your Feminity & Confidence. Best Breast Augmentation at affordable cost India.

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    Breast Augmentation Delhi Breast Fat Grafting Surgery India

    Breast Enlargement Surgery Fat Transfer

    Breast Enlargement / Breast Enhancement / Breast Augmentation improves figure, confidence and personal life.
    Options for Breast Enlargement -
    1. Autologus Fat Transfer to Breast
    2. Silicone Breast Implants.

    Please mind, breast surgery pictures have been removed from this page, you may see our video for procedure and before after. demonstration you may see during consultation.
    Now a days, there is some concern about Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a type of cancer in common language, which has been noticed in some cases of breast implant, tough very less cases, and so, we are avoiding implants now. Fat grafting is better option now. Please read about risks of breast implants on USFDA website

    Fat Transfer to Breast for Breast Augmentation

    Fine Fat particles as graft is harvested from other sites of body with specialized fat harvesting techniques, similar to but not same as Liposuction, and used to sculpt and enlarge breast. So in this way, you get fat reduction at one place and breast enlargement at the same time. Fat grafting is turning procedure of choice for volume filling at almost all places in body including breast.
    Advantage of this procedure is 1. its simplicity & in being almost scar less surgery. Fat is removed from one part of body with small punctures (2-3 mm) and infiltrated or injected in desired area with fine cannula .
    2. Fast Recovery, within few days you are active again
    3. You get rid of unwanted fat at one place and get it transferred to breast.
    Disadvantage - 1. Some fat is absorbed over time and you may need more than one procedure. Fat which survives there , stays there permanently. In our practice, we keep fat transfer surgery to breast simplest and least traumatic and fat is surviving well, still one or two sittings may be needed as breast needs relatively high fat volume transfer.


    2. You must be having sufficient fat in your body to be transferred, if not again it may need more than one procedure. Please also see our Fat Grafting Page and Fat grafting videos for better idea.
    If you don't have enough fat in body then you may choose to go for breast implant. But you should be aware of risks and being cautious after surgery , yearly check ups may keep you safe.
    Please also see our Fat Transfer Surgery page for details and Video Fat Transfer  Delhi Breast Enlargement  India . Please mind fat transfer technique , Fat Transfer to other body parts have been shown,  Breast procedure part in video has deliberately not been shown.


    For small size sagging breasts , breast lift or breast uplifting is best done with breast volume augmentation, If breast volume is low, fat grafting provides scar less volume & lifts breast & also provides beautiful shape. So, Breast augmentation , breast reduction and breast lift or breast tightening, all are individualized as per shape size and breast volume of patient. A generalized rule cant be used for every patient. Almost all cases of Breast Reduction also involve breast lift too.

    Fat Grafting to Breast Course & Recovery : -Initial consultation, detailed discussion, some blood tests for fitness and if found fit you may proceed for surgery.
    On the day of surgery - 6 hours empty stomach, admission 2-3 hours before surgery
    Under anaesthesia just before we start surgery, Fat Transfer surgery to breast takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. out of anaesthesia 5-10 minutes after surgery is finished.
    Oral liquids and diet started 3-4 ghours after surgery, you may go back 6-8 hours or next day. Wearing bra for support is advised for few weeks. Smooth work can be resumed after 5-6 days. Gentle exercise after 3 weeks and all activities after 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

    Silicone Breast Implant are either saline filled or silicone gel filled. Breast Implants are available in various shapes and sizes, smooth surfaced or textured. Consistency of silicone gel used as filler also vary. Silicone Implants having silicone gel filled in Silicone shell are most commonly used. Silicone Implant gives breast both shape and natural feel.
    Saline Breast Implants:- silicone shell with saline as filler. Advantage of saline implant- it can be implanted through a smaller incision. Disadvantage : Change in shape of breast with posture, Shape is similar to Silicone Implant but feel is different.
    Recently it has been found that malignancy may be associated with Silicone Breast implant, though very few number of cases have been detected,  so we are using silicone breast implant much less now. Right now its difficult to say anything confidently about its safety, so better avoid it.
    if you dont have enough fat for breast enlargement, then you may go for breast implants but should be cautious after surgery and yearly check ups should keep you safe.

    breast Implant Augmentation in Flat Masculine Chest

    Breast Augmentation in saggy pendulous breast

    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction :- Breast Reconstruction after cancer resection depends upon amount of tissue loss. In most of cases muscle or skin flap is required. Breast Implant Augmentation can be to make breast more attractive and natural.

    Shemale or Transgender Breast

    Shemale or transgender ( Male to female) Breast enlargement is done similar to female breast. involves breast implant or fat augmentation depends upon availability of fat in body.


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