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Liposuction Fat Reduction
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    Best Liposuction in Delhi, Scar less Removal of fat with skin tightening Abdomen Liposuction Thigh & Buttock Liposuction Arm Liposuction Face & Breast Liposuction Mega Liposuction by Specialist, Liposuction cost in Indi.

    Dr Prabhash Liposuction Fat Reduction Surgery Google Reviews 4.6/5 Excellent - 95 Reviews- Click on our Review link above . Best Center for Abdomen or Stomach Liposuction, Thigh & Butt Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Mons Pubis Liposuction & Lift, Low cost liposuction in Delhi India.

    Liposuction Delhi Fat Reduction Body Reshaping India

    Liposuction means suction or negative pressure assisted removal of fat. We are doing Tumescent Liposuction with skin stimulation to induce skin tightening in loose skin so that you get both fat removal skin toning or skin tightening with Liposuction alone. No need to remove skin so no scar. Very effective in Abdomen & Hips liposuction, Thigh liposuction, Butt Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Face and Breast Liposuction. For our Liposuction Videos - Click on this Link to see our play list - Liposuction Delhi Fat Removal India.
    Liposuction is used both for Volume Reduction and body reshaping. In moderate Obesity, staged liposuction in planned way can be a very good alternative of bariatric surgery. Overall best Liposuction plan and design gives you one of best liposuction result in Delhi.

    Liposuction for Body contouring or Body Reshaping May involves removal of excess fat from selective areas through liposuction and use of removed fat in filling areas where augmentation is needed.
    Fat Removed can used for breast augmentation, thigh and hip reshaping too, See fat grafting page for it.

    Abdomen or Stomach or Belly Liposuction with Hips & Mons Pubis Liposuction Videos & Before After Pictures excess Fat Removal liposuction to reduce Volume and to provide beautiful shape & curves. Fat Removal from bulky Mons Pubis area improves look and personal life,  rejuvenation of private parts, improves sagging vaginal skin and exposes hidden penile length in males.

    Liposuction cost in Delhi NCR India


    Isolated Lower Abdomen Liposuction Before After

    Stomach liposuction before after india Male belly Delhi

    Saddle Bags & Love Handles Liposuction Before After

    Male belly Liposuction Before After

    Liposuction before after Male belly Delhi Dr Prabhash India

    Male Stomach Liposuction Before After Delhi Dr Prabhash India
    Male Belly Liposuction Before & After.

    Before After Liposuction Picture Abdomen ( Stomach ) and Mons Pubis In male. Re-contouring of mons or Mons Reduction has been done to increase effective penile length ( not shown in picture ).

    Liposuction Before After picture  Delhi Dr Prabhash India.
    Abdomen & Flanks Liposuction Before After Picture.

    Change in volume and shape immediately before and after Liposuction- same as in video.

    Abdomen Hips Liposuction Before After Delhi Dr Prabhash India.
    Stomach Liposuction Before After

    Six pack Abdomen :- Simulation can be created with planned selective liposuction. In my view its non sense job. Also see our Tummy tuck and Fat grafting pages.

    Thigh & Buttock Liposuction Before After
    Thigh Liposuction , Legs ( Calves or Calf ) Liposuction
    Buttock Liposuction Lift : Thigh, Buttock & Abdomen ( Stomach) Liposuction Before After Picture Liposuction : Liposuction with good skin contraction, No skin Removal so no extra scar.

    Hip Thigh Butt liposuction Delhi Thigh Fat Removal India

    Face (Cheek and Chin) Liposuction :- Facial liposuction commonly used in cheek to reduce puffy appearance and for double chin correction. Similarly, fat removed from other areas is used as filler for face augmentation in hollow cheeks. ( details on face page).

    Face Liposuction in Delhi NCR India Face Lipo Before After Delhi
    Face Liposuction Before After

    Arm liposuction / Arm Lift / Brachioplasty : for heavy & bulky arms, brachioplasty or arm lift may be needed after heavy weight loss.

    Large Volume Mega-Liposuction : How Much is Safe :

    Large Volume (Mega) Liposuction : Large volume Liposuction or Mega-Liposuction involves removal of more than 5 % of body weight in one sitting. We do not recommend heroic surgery, patient safety is more important . Depending upon body weight and fitness for surgery we are doing large volumes fat removal, but patient safety is always the most important factor while considering large volume liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery procedure. In our Liposuction we measure absolute fat as volume reduced, not fluid mixed fat, means only the actual fat removed through Liposuction.

    Liposuction Delhi  Liposuction Before After Picture
    Liposuction in Delhi Mega Liposuction India
    Mega Liposuction Abdomen Breast Flanks Before After Picture

    Tightening of loose skin with liposuction

    Sagging & Loose Skin after liposuction : A common problem after massive liposuction , We are doing Liposuction along with skin stimulation at the same time to promote its contraction. Results of Liposuctions with large amount of fat removal and skin stimulation are very encouraging and we have almost stopped cutting and removal of saggy skin, as it contracts initially over a period of 3- 6 weeks, in larger cases may take 6-8 months. To some extent, it dependent upon post operative care taken by patient also, regular and correct use of compression garment helps a lot.

    Liposuction or Fat Removal FAQs:-

    1) Can Liposuction be used to reduce weight or only inch loss?

    Ans:-  liposuction is basically a means of inch loss rather than weight loss. But , once fat is removed, body looses store of energy and starts breaking fat from another areas. So you dont see weight loss just after Liposuction, but you feel it after 6 months to one year. Also loss of fat from difficult areas makes body light and exercise easy thereafter.

    2) Liposuction Surgery Procedure, Course, Duration & Recovery :

    Liposuction : first you will consult and discuss in detail about possibilities in your case (as fat deposit is a highly variable problem), followed by some lab teats for fitness, if found fit you may book date for surgery.

    Liposuction Procedure : Involves planning, anesthesia, haemostatic fluid infiltration followed by liposuction. Different Liposuction machines are there - in all principle is same break the fat and suck the fat. All claim to be superior to another, actually no one is superior to anyone. Classical Suction assisted Lipectomy SAL is still the safest and best.
    On the day of Liposuction Surgery -
    Nil By mouth 6-7 hours before surgery.
    Hospitalization on day of surgery or a day before as per requirement.
    Anaesthesia 5-10 minutes before starting surgery.
    Surgery duration - 2-3 hours in average cases.

     Bed rest for 3 hours followed by movements and  liquid diet allowed after 3 hours
    discharge from hosp : 6-7 hours, in mild to moderate volume, overnight stay is better after larger volume liposuction.
    Walking & All gentle activities allowed after 6-7 hours.
    Avoid unnecessary movements for 4-5 days.
    avoid driving & similar movements ; 1-2 weeks
    avoid heavy work : 3 weeks
    avoid heavy weight in gym : 3-6 weeks

    3) Can Liposuction affect or damage my internal organs or fertility ?

    Liposuction has nothing to do with your internal organs or fertility. All your important organs are located inside abdomen encased in muscular shield and during liposuction we work only beneath the skin. So, there is no harm to internal organ including internal genital organs and so nothing to do with fertility. In fact any abdominal surgery which is not supposed to handle your internal genital organs like uterus or tube or ovary has nothing to do with your fertility. In fact, Liposuction abdomen , especially lower abdomen improves symptoms many other problems and joint problems due to heavy weight.

    4) Whether Risks & Complications may happen in liposuction ?

    Ans:- Liposuction is surgery and like any other surgery involves risk and complications. Anything may happen from minor ones to life threatening. Allergic reactions to medicines used, bleeding, hematoma, seroma, altered or loss of sensation, skin laxity and irregularity, altered pigmentation, skin necrosis and many others. Usually nothing happens and you may go through procedure smoothly .

    5) Is there any chance of regaining fat after Liposuction?

    Ans:- fat regain can occur anytime in your life and it depends upon your life style. Usually fat re accumulation after liposuction is less.

    Disclaimer : Its a medical information website. information and pictures contained in this page and website is to provide information about plastic & cosmetic surgeries, its not substitute of consultation with your doctor .

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