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    Best Gynecomastia Surgery Treatment in Delhi. Best Minimally Invasive Virtually Scarless Gynecomastia Surgery in India. Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping as best Gynecomastia Treatment for perfect masculine shape in Delhi, India. A center for best gynecomastia Surgery cost in Delhi.

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    Gynecomastia Treatment India Male Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi

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    For our Gynecomastia Surgery Videos - see our Gynecomastia Surgery Play list on You tube both Gynecomastia Surgery in Hindi & English version available - Gynecomastia Surgery Delhi Male Breast Reduction India

     Gynecomastia or Large Male Breast : Please read entire page, you will have all information about Gynecomastia & Gynecomastia Surgery Before After Pictures of all grades or types of Gynecomastia by Dr. Prabhash, Designer of Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping .
    Gynecomastia Surgery Cost : For best Gynecomastia Surgery cost in India, Please mail or WhatsApp us Your age height weight and pictures from neck to waist in front and side views including some pictures holding pinch thickness of gynecomastia and axillary extension .

    Gynecomastia Male Breast Symptoms, Causes & Types : Gynecomastia or male breast literally means development of female or women like breast in male. Breast tissue is there both in male & females. A common question is whether its Gynecomastia or Chest Fat . Read the composition of breast below, you will get answer.
    Composition of Breast : Both Male Breast and female Breast consists of glands embedded in fat, one may predominate, but both will be there. It means every gynecomastia will be having both gland and fat, one may predominateOverall reason behind gynecomastia is either low testosterone level or high estrogen level or both or low peripheral response.  Most cases of hormonal imbalances are physiological variations, very rarely it may be due to hormone secreting tumors.
    Medicine Treatment for Gynecomastia or Can Gynecomastia Correct without Surgery or with exercise : Glands once grown cant reduce back & fat in gynecomastia or breast is cushion providing tissue and not energy storage, so breast fat does not go back with exercise. This is why once we develop gynecomastia, removal through surgery is only option for its treatment. Even medicines mostly fail to revert gynecomastia back. Watch this video in hindi for full details here or on you tube - Video in Hindi
    Video in English
    more details in this video -Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi details in english by Dr Prabhash
    Any Chance of breast cancer in Gynecomastia? - yes , it may happen, but very rare  .

    Unilateral or Bilateral Gynecomastia: Depending upon involvement of breast on one side or both it may be Unilateral Gynecomastia (i.e. one side only)
       Bilateral Gynecomastia (i.e. both sides). Please mind, even if gynecomastia is predominantly visible on one side, some enlargement is almost always there on other side , so if you correct only on one side, other side will look awkward after some time. Actual incidence of purely unilateral gynecomastia is much less than usually assumed. In most of cases, even in bilateral gynecomastia, one side will be little bigger than the other side (usually left side). Human body is almost never symmetrical i.e. left and right sides are almost never identical. Watch this video for details -
    see our video on unilateral gynecomastia - Gynecomastia Surgery One Side or Unilateral

    Unilateral Gynecomastia Treatment India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    Unilateral Male Breast Enlargement or Gynecomastia , Before after Gynecomastia Surgery

    Depending upon size of gynecomastia - it can be
    1 ) so called puffy Nipple A firm disc beneath areola

    puffy nipple grade 1 gynecomastia surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    Mild or Grade I (Minimal Gynecomastia),
    Grade II (Moderate Gynecomastia with No skin excess),
    Grade III (Severe Gynecomastia with or without skin excess (III A or III B).
    Note :- These grades are based on fact that whether skin excision will be required or not. These classifications are useless with Minimally invasive total chest reshaping, as no skin excision is required in our cases. Skin contraction is superb & we get flat chest without skin excision in almost all cases.

    Gynecomastia Treatment / Gynecomastia Surgery

    Various Approaches for Gynecomastia (Man Boob) Surgery Include open surgery, peri-areolar incision, isolated liposuction,, see our minimally invasive total chest reshaping below.

    Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping Gynecomastia Surgery - MIS-TCR  :- This surgery was designed by Dr Prabhash in 2010 and was first published on you tube in 2011 and Scarless Gynecomastia Surgery India Dr Prabhash Delhi ,includes liposuction for fat & peripheral glands removal (through 3-4 mm cuts) followed by residual gland removal with a tiny incision (5-7 mm cuts). Procedure involves lipo-sculpture of entire chest area and skin stimulation to induce skin contraction, so that no skin removal even in big cases and no permanent scar. we have modified liposuction technique to make it more effective in male breasts & maximum preservation of nerves, vessels & natural architecture. We call it Minimally Invasive total chest reshaping (see our video for details) . Since then we kept modifying and updating this procedure as per individual requirement in every patient.
    Benefits of Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping - Scar less Gynecomastia Surgery - no scar in long term
    shorter recovery period - only initial a day or two you may feel little discomfort
    better preservation of nerves & vessels - so better long term recovery
    Lipo-sculpture of entire chest area and not just front - so best possible masculine chest
    best part is skin contraction - even in large gynecomastia cases, skin removal not required - so no bad scar and fully flat chest
    English - Gynecomastia Surgery Minimally Invasive total chest reshaping
    Hindi - Gynecomastia Surgery Minimally Invasive total chest reshaping video

    Gynecomastia Surgery Before After India Grade 3 Gynecomastia Delhi

    Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping works well even in Largest size Gynecomastia. Most impressive is skin contraction after Gynecomastia treatment.

    Other Surgeries Combined with Gynecomastia : Patients with gynecomastia usually have female like fat distribution in body mainly involving abdomen. if fat deposit is not very high, it can be removed through liposuction along with male breast in same sitting. it saves time, money and patients gets rid of both feminine breast as well as feminine body shape in same recovery period. we call it Minimally Invasive Total Torso Reshaping. See video link - Minimally Invasive Total Torso Reshaping. Other common surgery combined with male breast are abdomen or stomach liposuction, Mons pubis liposuction and penile girth enlargement surgeries. In Males with Gynecomastia, if having low level of testosterone or male hormone, feminine distribution of fat, bulky mons pubis hiding penile length and poor development of penile organ is common. Abdominal liposuction or penile enlargement is combined if cumulative magnitude of all procedures is within acceptable limit and its common. if fat volume very high then, it can be better done in stages, we don't recommend combining surgeries with undue risk. please see liposuction and penile surgery page on our main website for details.

                   gynecomastia surgery India abdomen liposuction Delhi
                         gynecomastia surgery delhi male chest fat & abdomen fat liposuction india

    Male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery recovery :-

    Consultation with thorough discussion about problem & procedure followed by some blood tests & hormone tests (as per requirement) if found fit you may book date for surgery (please mind our dates are booked in advance & we are unable to entertain sudden appearance for surgery) On the day of surgery - Nil by Mouth (means empty stomach - 6 hours before surgery
    Under anesthesia - 5 -10 minutes before surgery
    Average Gynecomastia surgery duration- 60-90 minutes.( may be little more in larger cases)
    recovery from anesthesia - almost immediate after surgery,
    Surgery & Post operative period almost painless, rest- 3 hours, Usual smooth activity & liquids followed by normal diet allowed after 5-6 hours,
    discharge from hospital after male breast reduction surgery- after 6-7 hours.
    mild discomfort - 2-3 days (similar to stiffness after exercise), mild swelling 1-2 weeks (almost invisible),

    Rest from work advisable for 3-4 days
    return to exercise schedule after gynecomastia surgery - after 3-4 weeks. this is routine after male breast gynecomastia surgery - there may be minor variation from case to case.
    Potential Complications - Almost all complication related to surgery including Haematoma & seroma infection, bleeding , pain , unsatisfactory result may happen in Gynecomastia surgery too, usually nothing happens. Till Now we have not seen any major problem. We take proper precaution right for very beginning and getting good result

    Male Breast Reduction Gynecomastia Surgery Before After Pictures - gynecomastia surgery

    Grade II Gynecomastia Surgery Before After Picture one week post op

    Mild to moderate gynecomastia surgery or male breast before after -
    grade 2 gynecomastia male breast reduction before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    grade 2 Gynecomastia surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    Grade I Gynecomastia Surgery Before After Picture with Pointed Nipples

    grade 1 saggy breast gynecomastia surgery  beore after picture India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    Grade 2 Gynecomastia - Small to moderate gynecomastia with hanging breasts.

    grade 2 gynecomastia surgery before after picture India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    Looks Like Grade 1 Actually bigger than Grade 2 Gynecomastia - Moderate & diffuse gynecomastia surgery before after

    Gynecomastia Treatment Before after Grade 2 India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    Grade 2 B Gynecomastia - Moderate & formed breasts (acquiring feminine shape) Gynecomastia surgery before after picture

    large diffuse gynecomastia surgery before after picture India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    gynecomastia surgery large before after india

    large gynecomastia male breast surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    Grade 2 Gynecomastia But actually Bigger than Grade 3 - Large & diffuse with poor skin elasticity - as is seen after weight loss

    Grade 2 B Gynecomastia - Large & formed breast but not sagging - case of testicular failure -
    gynecomastia surgery before after low testosterone India Dr Prabhash Delhi
    gynecomastia man boob surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    Grade 3 Gynecomastia - Large , well formed & hanging breast - Gynecomastia Before After - Please see the skin Contraction.

    grade 3 gynecomastia surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhii
    Minimally Invasive Total Chest Reshaping works well even in Largest size Gynecomastia. Most impressive is skin contraction after Gynecomastia treatment.

    big gynecomastia surgery before after India Dr Prabhash Delhi

    Gynecomastia or Male Breast : Before after Picture scar less removal, Skin contracts well no skin removal required.

    Male Breast Reduction : Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia Revision : We are frequently doing Gynecomastia surgery revision (all cases first operated somewhere else). Till now revision has not been needed in our own case. Most revision cases are for either residual Gynecomastia or breast gland tissue there due to incomplete removal or unacceptable scar. It can happen with any surgery with any surgeon and patient. Revision surgery can be done three to 6 months after primary surgery once the skin there becomes soft and supple.
    Disclaimer : Its a medical information website. information and pictures contained in this page and website is to provide information about plastic & cosmetic surgeries, its not substitute of consultation with your doctor

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