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Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi Breast Lift India

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Breast Reduction Surgery :
Megalo( macro) Mastia or excessively large breasts and large nipple and areola complex, are not only reason of social embarrassment and low self esteem, rather large breasts make day to day life difficult in terms of hygiene (moisture in breast fold causing intertrigo) , neck pain , shoulder pain and hypertrophy of back muscles which gives females a unique hump like appearance & loss of nipple sensation. Breast Reduction surgery gives your normal figure and confidence back and also improves symptoms due to large hanging breast. So, breast reduction is not only cosmetic surgery rather its therapeutic too.
Moderately enlarged breast may not cause all these problems but they loose natural shape and sensitivity.

Various designs of Breast Reduction & Breast Lift surgery are available which may reduce and reshape breast with almost negligible or no scar ( in most cases ) to cosmetically acceptable scar. In Moderately enlarged breasts, reduction can be done without any scar on breast through remote incision. Breast Reduction & Breast Lift, both are almost always required in same case, and our minimally invasive procedure does both with no scar.

Scarless Breast Reduction with Tightening :
Breast Firming or Breast tightening for large loose pendulous breasts:- Moderate breast enlargement can be easily dealt with scar less breast reduction. Breast Volume is reduced with liposuction and skin stimulation at the same time facilitates skin tightening, so no skin excision and no added scar. Scar less breast reduction is best suitable for young girls or young ladies in thirties or forties. Please also see our Male Breast Reduction page for minimally invasive breast reduction options .

Breast Lift

For Large sagging breasts , breast lift or breast uplifting is done with breast reduction as per requirements. If breast volume is sufficient, only breast lift gives a beautiful result. If volume is less as in tubular or pendulous breast then breast lift is combined with breast augmentation or breast enlargement. In some cases only breast augmentation or enlargement is sufficient. So, Breast augmentation , breast reduction and breast lift or breast upliftment , all are individualized as per shape size and breast volume of patient. A generalized rule cant be used for every patient. Almost all cases of Breast Reduction involve breast lift too. Please also see Liposuction , Breast Augmentation and Fat Grafting pages for better idea of breast lift with fat graft.

Scarless Breast Reduction & Lift in Young girl, No cut on Breast so no scar

Unequal Breasts Shape or Size

Unilateral Breast hypertrophy (Enlargement ) / Unilateral Small ( Hypo plastic ) Breast or Difference in Breast size- In such cases, if one breast is small, it can be enlarged with fat grafting and if its too large then breast reduction will be required. Sometimes its due to some growth, the removal of that growth is the right treatment..

Picture 3:- Breast Reduction (Scar less in unilateral breast hypertrophy)

Short Scar Mastopexy

Vertical Short Scar Breast Reduction Vertical Short Scar Mastopexy : Suitable for Huge pendulous breasts, when sufficient skin contraction is not expected after scar-less surgery, vertical short scar mastopexy is another option. benefit of this surgery is reduction and lift at same time, but with a permanent scar on breast around areola and from areola down to base of breast.

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