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    Best Hymenoplasty, Hymen Virginity Repair or Virgin Tightening cost in India - Best Hymenoplasty in Delhi | Natural looking & functioning Hymen through micro-surgical layered Hymen Repair Surgery also called Virginity Repair or Virginity Restoration Surgery, Best Hymenoplasty cost in India, Delhi.

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    Hymenoplasty Delhi Broken Hymen Repair Surgery India

    In This Page : Hymenoplasty or Hymen repair surgery , virginity tightening surgery, Micro-surgical Hymenoplasty for natural healed hymen, Hymenoplasty Before After pictures of natural healed hymen, Hymen Reconstruction & Septate Hymenoplasty. For Hymenoplasty cost in India, Delhi Please WhatsApp us. Hymenoplasty pictures have been removed from this page. for Hymenoplasty video and before after pictures, click on link of our play list- Best Hymenoplasty India Hymen Virginity Tightening Repair Delhi.

    Hymen, Broken Hymen or Virginity Loss & Hymen Repair Surgery : Hymen, considered a sign of virginity in females, can break due to several reasons like exercise, sports, intercourse being the one of them. Bleeding in wedding night is considered important in some cultures.
    In Hymenoplasty Surgery, see hymenorrhaphy & hymenoplasty below , Hymen is restored again to give a Natural virgin look and function. We are doing micro-surgical layered hymenoplasty , designed by Dr. Prabhash, best hymenoplasty surgeon in India, to provide naturally healed hymen. Besides hymenoplasty or hymen repair, other changes in labia reduction or vaginal canal tightening, to feel like virgin tightening surgery is also required in some cases and done as per choice of patient in same sitting.
    Types of Hymen Repair - Hymenorrhaphy & Hymenoplasty :-
    Hymen Repair or Hymenorrhaphy :-
    Classical Hymen Repair Surgery Involves freshening of hymen margins and simple suturing, For short term result, done 7-10 days before marriage. These stitches cut through hymen remnants with force of penetration causing some bleeding. Most people use of visible sutures which can be easily detected by your partners and can lend you in new trouble, (stitches in our surgery are invisible even just after surgery). Stitches dissolve after 2-3 weeks and hymen remnants again become separate like one before surgery. we dont advocate this repair, because our layered Hymenoplasty serves both purposes very well (see below). Hymenoplasty with our technique can be used in both short term and for long term natural hymen.


    Natural Intact Virgin Hymen & Broken Hymen Picture, Individual pieces (remnants) of hymen are called carunculae myrtiformis.

    . Hymenoplasty : Micro-surgical layered Hymenoplasty for Natural Looking healed Hymen (our own technique) - see before after below Its a common misconception that hymen never heals so you are bound to rely upon sutures (stitches - as in Hymenorrhaphy) , its not true, it heals well with proper Hymenoplasty surgery and if given proper time and care. We did the first hymenoplasty with natural looking healed hymen, without leaving any evidence of hymenoplasty, to prove it nine years back. Perhaps, Ours is only site having pictures & videos of healed hymen (you may compare with others in videos). After proper healing hymen looks, feels and behaves like natural hymen , means breaks & bleeds with penetration without any evidence of Hymenoplasty surgery. This hymenoplasty can even be done 7-10 days before marriage, as our sutures are almost invisible, as we use micro-surgical hymen repair or hymenoplasty. So Layered Hymenoplasty provides best result in both short & long term.

    Broken Hymen & Layered Microsurgical Hymenoplasty Before After Picture -

    Hymen repaired takes 7-10 days in healing and another 1-3 weeks in softening acquiring natural appearance

    Comparison of Natural Intact Hymen & Hymen Repaired or Hymenoplasty with our technique after complete healing -

    see our video on you tube for all these Hymenoplasty before after pictures.

    Best Time for Hymenoplasty - Though, our hymenoplasty surgery can be done even a day before marriage as the stitches are almost invisible, but best is at least 3-4 weeks before marriage ( 6 weeks is best), or whenever you want. Hymen with our hymenoplasty heals in 7-10 days but we take precaution ,minor and easy to manage, up to 4 weeks. during this period hymen softens and acquires natural feature. Hymen , once healed after our hymenoplasty, lasts till next penetration. If marriage is close, you may get it anytime, as our sutures in hymenoplasty are almost invisible.

    Hymenoplasty Surgery Recovery : Hymenoplasty we are doing under local anesthesia, so painless hymenoplasty & Surgical time 35-40 minutes, free after another one to two hours. Hymenoplasty Recovery is painless, but little discomfort or heaviness may be there. Absolute bed rest is not required, you may resume smooth normal activity, but should refrain from hard work, heavy jerky movements. You may walk normally, climb stairs gently , only straining and vigorous activity should be avoided. Specific precautions individualized for every patient is provided after surgery, as per need .
    This Hymenoplasty is our own development and Hymen, once healed properly is similar to natural intact hymen.

    Complete Revirgination In Complete Re-virgination,Re-Virginity or virgin tightening surgery, other surgeries like tightening of vaginal canal, correction of labia minora, correction of mons pubis area etc are also added to hymenoplasty. Please see vagina nad labia pages for detailed information. Usually in young girls all these are not required and simple Hymenoplasty is sufficient.

    Hymen Reconstruction In cases where hymen tags are not available for repair a new hymen can be created from vaginal mucosal epithelium, it looks and works like natural hymen.

    Hymenoplasty Hymen Reconstruction Using Posterior Vaginal Flap - during repair & after healing

    Hymen Repair Surgery Hymenoplasty before after picture showing broken patulous (Broken + overstretched) hymen, Hymen tags fused with vaginal wall mucosa (Hymeno-Vaginal Adhesion)

    Septate & Imperforate Hymen Imperforate & Septate Hymen : In some cases hymen is not having any hole for exit of menstrual blood, its called imperforate hymen. Collection of blood in uterus and vaginal canal causes hematometra (Collection of blood in uterus) and hematocolpos ( collection of menstrual blood in vaginal canal) . A simple day care surgery removes obstruction and creates passage for blood and natural secretions. While doing surgery for imperforate hymen called hymenotomy, In Hymenotomy, only creation of passage is not important but the resultant hymen should look like a natural virgin hymen and no Hymenoplasty should be required after that.
    Septate Hymen is a common and normal occurrence. Septate Hymen Hymen is otherwise normal only difference is presence of a tissue band which divides opening in to two. in Cribriform opening is multiple and sieve like.

    Hymenoplasty Multi-septate Hymen Before After

    Disclaimer : - Its a medical education website, Hymenoplasty Information & hymenoplasty before after pictures contained in this page are for medical information purpose only, to provide information to patients regarding problem, procedure, different types of hymenoplasty surgery & expected result of hymenoplasty surgery. please also see Liposuction, Labiaplasty Surgery page and Vagina Rejuvenation pages ofr better idea of female genital beautification.

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