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Best Face lift, Neck lift, Face rejuvenation, best Face Cream Treatment for ageing face cost in Delhi, Inda.

Face-Lift Surgery Delhi Face Rejuvenation India

In this page : Face Rejuvenation including surgical & non surgical face rejuvenation treatment,  Facelift & Neck lift, Face Rejuvenation with creams & surgical treatment at low affordable cost in Delhi, India.
Face Cosmetic Surgeries are aimed at Removal of signs of aging and to rejuvenate an aging face.
Changes with age include dryness of skin, development of dys- (altered) pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles, localized telangictasia, thinning of dermis deepening of facial crease lines and sagging of entire face.

Face lift & Neck Lift to rejuvenate aging and sagging face .
Both skin and muscle layers are tightened to provide face a natural youthful appearance.
Face lift is often combined with neck lift and brow lift. Sagging neck may be due to excess fat, platysma muscle dehiscence or excess loose skin, problem is identified and treatment planned accordingly, its a reason of double chin
Face Lift Surgery usually refers to mid-face & lower face lift i.e. lift of sagging cheek, chin and neck area. For Chin visit our Chin Surgery Page.

Full face lift

Full face lift involves incision at the cheek ear junction and behind the ear, entire skin with sub cuteneous muscle is lifted and fixed in a new tight position. Excess skin is removed and muscle is plicated to provide tightness. A day care surgery, under general anaesthesia. Swelling goes down gradually and you start felling fresh in a few days

Short Scar Facelift :- In short scar facelift surgery, small incision along the ear anterior margin is made, mid-face up to jaw line area is lifted and scar goes on pre-auricular line, almost invisible. Very good for people in their late thirties and forties, as only mid-face needs lift. Its a short day care procedure taking around one to one & half hours with best possible result.

Liquid Face Lift or Fat Injection for facelift - Also called Liquid gold Face lift : Often face skin turns loose due to lack of volume support from inside and replacing volume support with fat graft restores skin tightness & youthful appearance of skin. we prefer fat graft for volume support as its your natural tissue, unlike fillers don't need procedure every year, result is long lasting. Fat grafting for face rejuvenation is minimally invasive procedure which doesnt leave scar either at donor site or your face. Fat grafting will be future of rejuvenation soon. Also see our Fat Grafting Page , Rhinoplasty Page and Chin Surgery page for more idea about face rejuvenation and reshaping.

Face Fat Grafting & Face Lipo-sculpture :

Face fat grafting Before After face liposculpture delhi, india.

Case of hemifacial microsomia - left half of face smaller than right half and looking little twisted. Fat injection has been used to equalize both sides of face.

Face fat grafting Before After in Romberg's Disease by Dr Prabhash, Delhi, (India).

Fat Transfer to face in Romberg's Syndrome : Parry Romberg's Syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by slowly progressive deterioration (atrophy) of the skin and soft tissues of half of the face (hemi facial atrophy), usually the left side. In this cse it was right side. Excellent survival of our grafted fat restored natural look & confidence of patient. She started prtcipting in school functions & her grades improved drastically.

Face Wrinkles
Depending upon type and magnitude of problem, peeling, Dermabrasion , laser resurfacing, fat injections and Botox etc are chosen as treatment. Please see our scar removal page for details of procedures and also fat transfer page.

Cream Treatment for Face Rejuvenation :- Not all cases of dull and aged looking face needs surgery, most of cases can be managed with creams & other medical treatments. Ours face usually turns dull with different texture, darkening & varied pigmentation due to ageing & sun exposure. In such cases of face dullness, some texture & skin lightening creams with sun screen provides beautiful result, rejuvenates our face & restores youthful appearance.

Neck lift Neck Tightening Chin Correction Neck turns saggy with age , with increasing fat & with increasing laxity of platysma muscle there. Treatment depends upon diagnosis of individual problem and its correction. Very saggy neck is usually associated with sagging face, and neck lift is done with face lift. In some cases skin is not very lax, but underlying platysma muscle support is weaken and divarication of platysma appears (common in smokers and those with chronic sore throat & cough), in these platysmaplasty with slight skin tightening may suffice. Those with fatty neck need neck lipo. Most cases are having combination of these problems, so treatment is decided accordingly.

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