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    Labiaplasty labia minora reduction in India, Labia minora & majora correction Surgery & Labia Minora Reconstruction in Delhi India| Mons Pubis Reduction Lift, best Labiaplasty Surgery cost in Delhi.

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    Labiaplasty Delhi Labia Minora & Majora Correction India

    Vaginal Lips (Labia majora and Minora), their deformities & correction :  Labiaplasty Before After Pictures , Please see our video on you tube for procedures & Labiaplasty Click for Labiaplasty Before After Pictures & other female genital plastic surgery videos - Labiaplasty Delhi Vaginal Lips Rejuvenation India Genital surgery pictures have been removed from this page. For Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation & Labiaplasty Surgery see our corresponding pages. Link at bottom of this page.

    Enlarged Labia Minora Reduction or Labiaplasty Surgery in Delhi, India
    Enlarged labia minora, inner or smaller vaginal lips-   labia minora may get enlarged after successive pregnancies, with age, with PCOD and Its treatment and it starts peeping out through the vaginal cleft. Usually it represents more male hormone in females
    Large labia minora ,not only gives genitalia an unsightly look but also interferes with maintenance of hygiene and difficulty in wearing well fitting cloths. While penetration dragging with male genital in and out makes love making painful rather than pleasant.

    Labiaplasty Surgery :- Labiaplasty is done to provide a youthful and acceptable size . usually labia minora is considered aesthetically pleasing if it is hidden by labia majora (outer lips) of vagina.
    Labiaplasty Surgery reduces size and bulk and improves look while maintaining sexual sensation .Two different methods are used. Straight trimming of labia gives unsightly scar and removes receptors of sexual pleasure - should be avoided (This is most common world wide) . Trimming in a way to preserve receptors at margin of labia minora is best (this we are doing).

    Labiaplasty Surgery Duration & Recovery
    Labiaplasty Surgery Recovery
    - Under local or general anesthesia depending upon magnitude of surgery required, duration approx 50-55 minutes, free 2-3 hours after. Absolute rest not required, avoid heavy work for 5-7 days days, avoid love making for 3-6 weeks.

    Vulva - Mons Pubis & labia Majora :
    I )Bulky labia majora with fatty mons pubis in obese or fat girls :
    In obese girls and after child birth , mons pubis usually gets fat , turns bulky and saggy. Reduction of mons pubis fat makes area slim and restores youthful appearance. also exposes clitoris covered with fat so intimate relations more pleasant for both male & female.

    Bulky mons pubis looking unsightly and after liposculpture, to make it slim and it also makes clitoris superficial so more pleasure during intimate relationships.
    II )Lack of Volume in Vulva / Outer Vagina - Thin Vaginal Lips or atrophied Labia Majora & Lack of cushion in mons pubis - as seen in very thin girls - Labia Majora Augmentation :

    Labia augmentation or Fat grafting of labia majora (Outer or bigger vaginal lips Vaginal Rejuvenation) :- to provide bulk and youthful appearance to atrophic and flat looking female vagina. Fat grafting or fat injection gives proper fullness to vaginal lips.

    Labia Minora Reconstruction or Reconstruction Labiaplasty : Labia Minora Reconstruction is required in cases of absent labia minora. Common causes of absent labia minora are Congenital absence or loss after surgery or infection. Removal of labia minora and clitoris is practiced in some African countries and is very bad. For healed hymen see micro-surgical layered Hymenoplasty Surgery page and for other female genital rejuvenation procedures visit our Vaginoplasty  Liposuction and  Fat Grafting pages.


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